Сакам да купам СТАН
1100% Macedonian
Sound Isolation
to 63db
Proven aseismic stability
  • FLATS: from 30 to 200 м²
  • OFFICE PREMISES: from 50 to 1100 м²
Attractive residential – it is a business building with quality modern flats of 30 m², 50, 70, 85, 90, 110 and 200 m², with an exterior inspired by the green diamond, covered with lot of glass surfaces and diamond structural lines. The building is ten stories high, with two entrances, four super-fast lifts and seven apartments on one floor. Uniqueness of the building is the two atriums (open central spaces with glass roof) as a source of natural light and fresh air in the entire complex. Inside, along the entire height, the building is enriched with green gardens, which give the complex stunning look, the feeling that tenants are living in a real green garden. The central part is designed as a shared space for social gathering of tenants. The ground floor of the building enclose exclusive business premises from 50 m² to 1,100 m² with the possibility of a merging, a large multi-storey height, impressive window displays and direct access from the main street. The building has its own underground and on the ground floor car parking.
With the building Adora Diamond Garden Engineering introduces fast growing global trend of green housing in Macedonia!


Inside the building of ten floors there are 136 flats, distributed in seven apartments per floor, allowing intimacy and privacy of tenants living in humane conditions for housing in urban city area of Skopje. The ground floor has 13 exclusive business offices with opportunities to develop diverse business and service activities. The interior is based on two separate central open spaces with glass roof, called atria, central nucleus where the vertical communications are executed which are a source of abundant natural light and natural ventilation for circulation of fresh air throughout the complex. The central interior atrium section is protected from atmospheric impacts with glass lantern. A special attraction and exclusivity are internal green gardens which extend along the entire height of the building with wood decoration. In the central part of the interior concept is a tailored shared space, with plenty of details, enriched with lot of greenery and excellent conditions for enjoyable social gatherings of the tenants. The building has two entrances, four extra fast modern elevators and stairways with glass walls. With the unique interior concept, the Adora Diamond Garden, situated in an attractive location in a busy urban area in the Macedonian metropolis provides to the citizens a sense that they live in a diamond garden, with lot of natural light and green ambient, which, on the other hand, offers to the tenants and visitors housing and presence in their own green paradise in Skopje.


100% Macedonian construction with European quality

  • State of the art geomechanical and aseismic stability of 80 to 105 MPa, proven with an artificial earthquake
  • Reinforced concrete construction system, the hardness of concrete from 35 to 50 MB
  • Certified energy efficiency
  • Up to 6 times reduced electricity consumption, lower costs for heating and cooling
  • Thermo insulated facade, 12 cm graphite polystyrene, 20 cm mineral wool for roofs and excellent waterproofing
  • Brickwork facade with ceramic thermal block low thermo conductivity
  • Sandwich partition walls between the flats and communication spaces with excellent thermal and sound insulation with an index of sound permeability up to 63 db
  • Geneo Fipro facade carpentry, metal-free PVC, three layers windows with low emissions glass
  • Photovoltaic system for electricity production from the solar energy for lighting of common spaces of the building, without electricity bills
  • Low CO2 emission
  • Designed environment, horticulturally refined facility
  • Modern interior, parquet floors and tiles imported “Blindor” doors, fitted bathroom
  • Entrances and corridors of marble, granite, natural light in the corridors and stairs space
  • Modern high-speed elevators with smart video and sound boards
  • Modern security systems, video surveillance
  • Modern parking with remote entry


Adora Diamond Garden is situated on attractive location at Moskovska Street in Taftalidze, Municipality of Karposh in Skopje. Residential and business complex is near the SP market and the market Taftalidze, the primary school Bratstvo, the international schools NOVA and Yahya Kemal, student dorms Goce Delchev, sports center, restaurants, shopping center City Mall, with scenery and fresh air from the slopes of Vodno Mountain, within reach of developed infrastructure and major traffic arteries in Skopje. The location of the building offers excellent conditions for urban, quality and green housing securing easy functioning of the tenants and development of successful business stories in the metropolitan area of Skopje.


Elite apartments with an area of 30 m², 50, 70, 85, 90, 110 and 200 m² in two entrances. Comfortable premium flats at the corner parts with a living area entirely in glass with plenty of natural daylight and stunning scenic views to the outside environment. The access corridors are galleries placed on a way to provide a view on the internal green gardens in the complex. Four super modern elevators, stairway in glass. Building keeper service, video surveillance and modern security systems. The house has its own modern car parkings.

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Exclusive business premises with an area from 50 m² to 1,100 m² with the possibility of merging. A particular advantage is the story height of five meters with the possibility of providing additional space for a gallery. High impressive shop windows with direct access from the street. Underground parking and parking on the ground floor.


The complex has a large number of modern underground parking spaces with sliding doors at the entrance, horizontal and vertical signalization and remote management mechanism. There are parking lots on the ground floorm as well.

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