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Adora Engineering won the prize The BIZZ 2016 for the innovation in the style and quality of housing in Monte Carlo, Monaco, by the World business confederation, one of the most important awards which are given to the leading companies in the development of the business on the national and world level.

“The reason behind the prestigious award BIZZ 2016 is the originality of the innovation which in the style and quality of housing, the design team of Adora Engineering, in cooperation with renowned designers from the European states, implemented in the new complexes Adora Flatiron Skopje and Adora Diamond Garden. Special accent in those objects is put on the creative sophisticated design of the objects for high urban life style, where in the interior key place have the atriums with plenty of natural light and fresh air, the greenery with natural elements of wood and stone, ambient lighting and carefully planned shared contents, which offer pleasant and relaxing feeling of intimacy and warmness to the tenants.

The award in due to the housing innovations, where we attended special attention to the sound insulation up to 63db, 80 percents above the Macedonian standards, which we achieved with creation of innovative multilayer wall. This recognition is a testimony more that beside the domestic, also the international business community recognizes and values the commitments of this confirmed construction brand with execution of innovative revolutionary solutions to create products customized to the consumers need, who receives world quality at Macedonian prices for their investments”, says Prof. PHD Vancho Chifliganec, general director of Adora Engineering. Together with the Adora Engineering managing team he received the award on 15 May in Monaco. He perceives the award as a success of the whole team of Adora Engineering.

Adora Engineering, in its 14 year long existence as the most successful construction company in the high construction have received four international and 20 national rewards, which, as is said by the company, are a motivation plus for going further with pioneering innovative projects aiming at getting closer the world housing trends and standards to the Macedonian citizens and moving forward the whole high construction industry in Macedonia, as well.

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