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The luxury residence Adora Crniche 2016 is located in an exceptionally attractive location, just 3 minutes drive from the central area of the Macedonian metropolis, at the elite settlement Crniche under the green slopes of Vodno with a beautiful view, where Skopje can be seen as on a palm. The building over St. Petka church, surrounded by the natural beauty of Vodno, with its own park forest of 6,500 m² and a luxurious indoor swimming pool with recreation complex offers ideal commodity for the ultimate intimate housing in the fresh air, in a pleasant setting, away from city noise, with easy access to the urban stile of living in Skopje. The building on a ground floor, two floors and attic, has six elite apartments, overlooking the Vodno on one side and beautiful view of Skopje on the other, a large 82 m² terrace on the roof of the luxury apartment-viewpoint, which has direct elevator. A special attraction is the innovative modern glass facade of the residential building with lot of natural light and a complete view of Skopje from the living room of the flats. The building which has modern underground and ground parking, fenced with regulated entry and security systems, picturesque flower garden with thick green belt, offers excellent blend of urban housing and pleasant air which is about 10 ˚C lower temperature in comparison with the hot summer temperatures Skopje, combined with easy daily functioning, rest, walks and recreation in one of the few green oases in the metropolis.
  • Leading geomechanical and seismic stability proven by artificial earthquake for safe and peaceful sleep of tenants, that Adora Engineering practice as the first and only company in Macedonia.
  • Energy efficient building with excellent thermal and sound insulation, the latest high quality insulating materials from renowned European manufacturers.
  • Modern innovative glass facade with natural light and panoramic view of Skopje.
  • Functional flats for elite intimate family housing, with contemporary design, appropriate to the taste of the tenants.
  • Modern underground and ground parking.
  • Fenced facility with controlled access, modern safety measures, and video surveillance.
  • Luxury indoor swimming pool with opportunities for recreation and relaxation.
  • Horticultural enriched environment, eco green belts, colorful garden and 6,500 m² green forest