Top management

Prof. Vancho Chifliganec PhD.

Owner and Managing Director

Dragana D. Chifliganec, PhD.

Executive manager

Dushko Chifliganec

Deputy Managing Director

Real estate and sales

Dragana D. Chifliganec, PhD.

Sales coordinator

Katerina Korsul

Real estate manager

Sonja Madzovska

Sales and communications manager

Architectural Design Office

Vancho Gjeorgievski

Architect- senior project officer, Head of architectural design office

Verche Popovska, M.A.

Architect- senior project officer

Department of Marketing and Public relations

Nina Kepeska

Public Relations and Marketing Manager

Legal Department

Anzelika Miloshevska

Head of legal department

Department of Finance

Gjorgji Ribarski

Financial manager

Andrijana Ivanovska-Tanchevska

Executive of finance and analytics

Економски сектор

Commercial sector – investments and development

д-р Даниела Станковска

Head of Commerce and investments

Spase Stojanov

Procurement and warehouse operations

ICT Department

Stefan Stojkoski

ICT Manager

Department of Common Affairs

Dejan Andonov

Executive activities and car fleet

Department for Control and Service