Adora Engineering is one of the top award-winning Macedonian companies, with over 60 international and national accolades. The company's international reputation is confirmed by 10 prestigious international awards awarded in Amsterdam, Dubrovnik, Monte Carlo, Paris, Madrid and Vienna by authoritative world associations and organizations. The company has received more than 50 national acknowledgements: Macedonian quality, sustainable development, investor of the year, first construction super brand in the country, the greenest and most popular real estate development company, 16 recognitions for best socially responsible practices, 8 for building eco-homes, 5 for investing in the community, a lifetime achievement award, individual and corporate philanthropy, St. Clement's Medal of First Order, numerous Certificates of Appreciation.


  • Award "Lady of the Year 2020" for Dragana D. Chifliganec for Innovation in Housing and Philanthropy at the 12th annual event for awarding Ladies and Gentlemen of the Year at Belexpocenter in Belgrade, 2020.
  • A prestigious International Award "40 Under 40" for Dragana D. Chifliganec, PhD, part of the business elite of young, outstanding business leaders from Southeast Europe, awarded by the Bussines Elite Awards, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2019.
  • International “Creators of the Century” Award for outstanding contribution to the development of ideas, innovations and investments in entrepreneurship in Central and Southeast Europe, from the International Economic Forum Perspectives, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2019
  • Golden Medal for Quality and Service for Introducing the Boutique Real Estate Concept in Southeast Europe, by the World Marketing Organization, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2018.
  • The BIZZ 2016, International Award for Outstanding Innovation in the Style and Quality of Housing, by the World Business Confederation, Monte Carlo, Monaco, 2016.
  • International European Award for Quality from the World Business Leaders Club, Paris, France, 2014
  • International Construction Award from the World Business Leaders Club, Madrid, Spain, 2014
  • Award for Adora Engineering for best company in Europe and for Vanco Chifliganec Ph.D. for most successful manager in Macedonia from the European Business Assembly, Hofburn Royal Palace, Austria, 2012.


  • Special recognition for "Outstanding contribution to innovative development and international affirmation" for Dushko Chifliganec, Vice President of Adora Business Group, awarded by Bitola newspaper, 2021.
  • • "6th November" award for prof. Vancho Chifliganec, PhD by the Municipality of Radovish-the highest recognition for special contribution to the development of Radovish and selfless support of citizens of Radovish, on the occasion of the Liberation Day of the city, 2020.
  • ‟Business Leadership and Philanthropy‟ award for Dragana Chifliganec, PhD at the 20th annual event-Oscars for the most successful citizens of Bitola, distinguished and prominent individuals from Macedonia organized by the Bitola Newspaper, in Bitola, 2020.
  • Plaque ‟Person of the Year for 2019‟ for Vancho Chifliganec, PhD for special contribution to the development of the eastern region and the Republic of Macedonia, by the Association of Journalist of Macedonia-ISTOK, 2020.
  • Award for best socially responsible practices for environment protection for the project "With traditional masonry to a healthy, modern, soundproof home‟, by the Ministry of Economy, 2019.
  • Award for a leading company in achieving the goals of sustainable development of the United Nations-UN, awarded in a project supported by the European Union and UNICEF, 2019.
  • National recognition "Macedonian Quality‟ by the President of the Republic of Macedonia and the Association of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia, 2018.
  • Two (2) awards for Investor of the year received at the international Real Estate Development Fair in Skopje, 2011 and 2012.
  • First Real Estate Development Superbrand in Macedonia, 2013/2014.
  • Lifetime achievement award for prof. Vancho Chifliganec, PhD, by Best Brand, 2015.
  • Award for most successful young manager of the year 2018 for Dushko Chifliganec at the event ‟Men of the year in Macedonia‟, 2018.
  • Award for the Foundation prof. dr. Vancho Chifliganec for social responsibility in 2017 by the Bitola Newspaper, at the event-Bitolski Oskari, 2018.
  • Award for most popular real estate development company in Macedonia at the event "Most popular for 2014".
  • Award for prof. Vancho Chifliganec,PhD for individual philanthropist in Macedonia, awarded by CIR-a in 2013.
  • St. Clement’s Medal of First order for Vancho Chifliganec, PhD, awarded by MOC for the construction of the orthodox church St. John the Baptist in Skopje, 2014.
  • Two (2) jubilee awards for Adora Engineering as the most rewarded company with best socially responsible practices in Macedonia. Awarded by the Ministry of Economy of Macedonia in 2012 and 2017.
  • Award for most eco-friendly company for Adora Engineering by the City of Skopje, 2013.
  • Nine (9) national recognitions for Adora Engineering, for long-term building of green, eco-homes, for healthier future and protection of the environment by the Ministry of Economy of Macedonia in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019.
  • Five (5) national awards for Adora Engineering for investing in the community and the municipalities for the benefit of the citizens by the Ministry of Economy of Macedonia in 2008, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019.
  • National recognition for Adora Engineering for best employee relations by the Ministry of Economy of Macedonia in 2011.
  • Seventeen (17) national recognitions for best socially responsible practices of Macedonian companies by the Ministry of Economy (2010-2019).
  • Award for Corporative Philanthropy for Adora Engineering by CIR-a, 2012.
  • Certificate of Appreciation by MASA for a fruitful and successful cooperation by the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences on the occasion of the 50th anniversary in 2017.
  • Recognition for Dragana D. Chifliganec, PhD ‟Lady in the Construction Business" at the international fair for construction and real estate development, Skopje, 2014.
  • Certificates for Adora Engineering: Correct company, for excellent reputation in the business and correctness in client and partner relations; Good Brand for support of social entrepreneurship in Macedonia, 2017.
  • Numerous plaques and certificates of appreciations in the area of business, environment protection, community support, humanitarian projects, actions for support of vulnerable categories of citizens, support of individuals and events, education, science, sport, culture, art, etc.