Adora wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year 2022

Adora Business Group wishes to all its employees, customers, associates, clients and friends for the New Year 2022 to be marked by good health, beautiful, happy and relaxed moments with loved ones, many new ideas and ambitions and achieved personal, family, professional and collective successes.

Looking forward, full of dreams, hopes, optimism, gratitude and commitment to ourselves and our engagements, we wish, together, to create an environment for a better life, of which future generations as well as ourselves can be proud of.

Adora Business Group, which this year marks its 20th anniversary of successful development, is working to realize new business challenges, continuing the two-decade tradition of investing in socially responsible projects, building a more prosperous and happier future for citizens, local communities and society at large.

Happy New Year 2022 our dear friends and happy holidays, full of warmth, cheerful spirit, blessings and happiness!