Adora congratulates Easter to all Orthodox Christians

With the greeting "Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed", Adora Engineering congratulates the holiday of the Resurrection of Christ, Easter, to all Orthodox Christians, MOC-OA, employees, associates, customers, buyers, friends. May this special holiday unite us all with the same prayer for good health, strength and perseverance, to face the great challenges and to emerge from this crisis as winners, inspired by Christ's victory over death!
Celebrating this holiday that is a symbol of eternal life in a completely different setting, everyone in their homes with their closest family, but together in thoughts and prayers, we wish the hope for a better tomorrow to be an incentive to persevere and fight together for good personal and public health, for faster overcoming of the health and economic crisis caused by this global evil, the Covid-19 virus, with the belief that this too shall pass and after the good will come.
Happy Easter, for many more years to come!

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