Adora Engineering has been awarded the 9th national recognition by the Ministry of Economy for best socially responsible practices for a responsible approach towards the environment for the project ”With traditional building to a healthy modern home”. The award was given for the construction of the newest residential building Crkva 3 in the Municipality of Aerodrom, Skopje, where Adora engineers, with traditional masonry, using traditional and modern materials and technologies, built new, better quality, more quiet, peaceful and healthier eco homes. The recognition is a result of the constant research of the professional staff of Adora Engineering for development, improvement, upgrading and perfecting the quality of the constructed buildings and homes, especially in the field of energy efficiency and sound insulation.
”For us, it is of great significance when someone recognizes and values our efforts for creating a sustainable innovative business for the benefit of the whole community. Specifically for the new residential building, Crkva 3, we created a new sandwich wall composition between two adjacent apartments and between an apartment and the common corridor (hallway), based on mass and weight (two layers of ceramic block) and three layers of insulation materials, in order to achieve a better sound insulation. The testing done by the accredited laboratory Ambikon at the Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences at Goce Delchev University-Shtip showed value of parameters of airborne and impact sound insulation that meet even the highest European standards for sound insulation in residential buildings. That is a confirmation that we have succeeded in our pioneering efforts, in the absence of national regulation, to introduce better acoustic comfort in homes, enriching the Crkva 3 facility with a green park lined with hundreds of trees and urban equipment, for tenant’s relaxation, in the spirit of our 18-year-old tradition”- states Vancho Chifliganec,Ph.D, Managing Director of Adora Engineering.
The ninth consecutive recognition awarded for the long-term project to build eco-homes is part of the 17 national awards Adora Engineering has received for best socially responsible practices over the past 10 years.