Adora Engineering and the Foundation Vancho Chifliganec offer support to education

The Managing Director Vancho Chifliganec and the Executive Manager Dragana Chifliganec of Adora Engineering wished a happy start of the new school year in Radovish with a donation of new computers. In these difficult, pandemic times Adora Engineering and the Foundation Vancho Chifliganec decided to donate 12 new personal computers and 6 iPads to several schools in Radovish in order to help the teachers and students to efficiently and smoothly implement and follow online classes. ”This year has been hard for everyone, we are facing numerous challenges and that is why each one of us should try, in the way they can, to support the educational process, since education is one of the most important link in society for our future generations” stated Vancho Chifliganec, Ph.D while sharing the donation with the principals of the schools. They shared their gratitude and highlighted this initiative as an excellent and noble example that should be followed by other companies, organizations and individuals.