Adora Engineering celebrates 18 years of successful operation

In the construction- high rise building construction and real estate development sector Adora Engineering has become a brand recognizable by the introduction of new standards-a synonym for safe construction. In the past 18 years the company has restored the trust of the Macedonian citizens in investing in real estate in the country, has made an enormous contribution to the development of the overall economy, hired over 500 employees, donated 5 million euros to the community for building a better society for all, and over 50 awards that the company has received solidify this success story.

"Adora Engineering was founded on 28th August 2020, coinciding with the major Orthodox Christian holiday as well as the Day of the Miners, a day deeply engraved in my professional lifetime, initially going up the professional ladder in the mine Buchim, and as the youngest Managing Director bringing the mine to the highest level of profitability. That is why, when I decided to branch out in the private sector, I chose that date-28th August to establish Adora Engineering. After 18 years, I can say that a brand, like Adora Engineering is in the Macedonian high-rise building construction business, is built with a lot of courage, knowledge, dedication, a lot of hard work and sweat. A brand is not just a name, but numbers, data, facts which confirm the growth of a company, the contribution it has made to the overall economy and the development of the country. I believe in my country and I believe that what we have invested will always bear fruit. I have always thought that with a lot of work, knowledge, dedication and courage the success is sure to follow", states Vancho Chifliganec Ph.D, who wants to sincerely thank all the employees and the ones which have given their contribution in the development of Adora Engineering, and congratulate them on the achievements.

In 18 years Adora Engineering has built over 40 representative residential-business buildings. This is an investment with an economic turnover of around 330 million euros and 300.000 m² of net site area developed, with around 3000 high-quality homes, housing 12000 citizens, which makes it like a little Adora town. In the past 18 years Adora has constantly been among the 200 most successful and largest companies in the country, for 6 years among the 25 most successful and fastest growing companies. The number of employees of only 2 in the beginning rose to 500 overall. The significant contribution to the national economy is evidenced by the 300 million euros contributed to the state budget for purchasing land for construction and 20 million euros paid for ground rent in several municipalities, in which the company has its own buildings. The reputation of the company, both locally and internationally, has been confirmed with over 40 national awards and 7 international awards. Adora Engineering has invested in the community, in building a better society, donating 5 million euros, wholeheartedly, with a lot of love and wishes for creating a better, happier and more equal world.