Adora breaks records on the Zlatibor real estate market in Serbia

In the reputable Blic and in several other Serbian media today echoed the news that the largest Macedonian construction brand Adora Business Group sold the most expensive apartment in Zlatibor, at a price of 4,800 euros per m2, at the most beautiful mountain in Serbia, within its first project 21st Century Zlatibor Residence , Spa & Wellness by Adora.

Serbian media reported details about the apartment that broke records with by far the highest real estate sale price in Zlatibor and on the real estate market in Serbia. It is a penthouse on top of the pioneering innovative project of Adora 21st Century Zlatibor, with a comfortable terrace of 100 m², decking floor covering, a view of the beauty of Zlatibor and amazing amenities such as a Jacuzzi whirlpool tub for 8 people, which can be used even when in the wintertime for enjoyment. The apartment is fully equipped "from A to Z" with a natural fireplace, state-of-the-art equipment, luxurious decoration, perfectly designed furniture, and in the price even cutlery, bed linen and towels are included.

In fact, these are "investment apartments" within the hotel-residential complex 21st Century Zlatibor by Adora, which the owners will use when and how much they want, while Adora through its professional "Hospitality Management" which will take care of the maintenance and renting of apartments, will provide up to 8% annual return on investment.

Following these announcements, Dushko Chifliganec, Vice President of Adora Business Group and Director of Adora Living Solutions, a subsidiary, investor in Serbia, told us:

“ In the realization of this pioneering project of Zlatibor, Adora has invested all its 20 years of experience and constant affinity for continuous and progressive innovations in construction. It is an honor and a pleasure for us that on the Serbian real estate market, which is currently one of the most competitive in Europe, we have shown that we can compete with the best as equals. We are very grateful to the Serbian people, who warmly and in the most friendly way accepted us as foreign investors and above all as people.”

Take a look at the announcements about the Macedonian construction leader in the Serbian media: