Adora has been implementing photovoltaics for 10 years- a standard that has become mandatory since 2020

The construction and textile industries, the two key sectors of great importance to the national economy, are the focus of a project launched to develop new skills that will lead to the creation of new and better jobs in Macedonia. In the project, implemented by UNDP with the support of the British government, within the framework of the UN Development Program in partnership with the Ministry of Education, participates Dragana D. Chifliganec,Ph.D, CEO of Adora Engineering with specific experiences as a representative of the construction sector.

During the online presentation regarding the current situation and the vision in the construction industry as well as the necessary skills for introducing innovation, it was concluded that nowadays construction companies usually operate with around a dozen employees, as opposed to the situation in the past, when Adora Engineering had its own design bureau with experienced architects, its own engineering team of different profiles, energy efficiency experts, lawyers, economists and hundreds of qualified construction workers and skilled craftsmen. For Dragana Chifliganec, it is particularly striking that photovoltaic solar systems that use energy from renewable sources, which Adora Engineering first introduced to collective housing in Macedonia ten years ago, are now being cited as a mandatory standard and as new technological and innovation trends in the EU in 2020 for the construction of buildings with almost 0 energy consumption. The tenants of Adora Engineering have been enjoying the benefits of energy-efficient, economical housing for 12 years, with low electricity bills, which have been cited as mandatory innovation trends in the construction industry in 2020 on a European level.

At the start of the two-year project, it was concluded that there is a shortage of over 50,000 skilled and qualified construction workers in Macedonia. In the upcoming period, to ensure the sustainability of this industry, we will have to focus on digitalization through 6D modeling of buildings and the development of skills for the construction of passive buildings with a number of benefits for citizens and the environment.