The documentary "The Macedonian Dream - We are world champions" is now available to the general public

The latest Macedonian documentary film by the Foundation prof.dr.Vancho Chifliganec “The Macedonian Dream - We are world champions”, in the original Macedonian version with English subtitles, is available to the public on the YouTube channel Adora Business Group

The film is an authentic story about the unrepeated triumph of club sports in Macedonia and about climbing the road to success, to winning European and world gold in freestyle wrestling of the Wrestling Club Buchim-Jaka from Radovish, in 1995 and 1996. The documentary is a rich mosaic of personal, interesting and exciting testimonies of Macedonian wrestlers, coaches, judges, sports activists, who together with their supporters and frantic audience, achieved the bravest dream and historically greatest sports success, putting Macedonia side by side with world sports powerhouses. The golden boys from Buchim-Jaka with a victory over the wrestling magnates at that time from Hungary, Turkey and USA, turned their personal dream into a collective and national success and confirmed that with strong will, clear vision, dedicated work, collective support and above all with big heart, Macedonian athletes can conquer the highest European and world peaks.

At this time, plagued by the Covid pandemic for several years, with an energy, economic, and now military crisis, such a historical documentary and educational film with a wider social context, created with a lot of work and love, is a real refreshment for the public, as a credible example and incentive for greater engagement in achieving personal, collective, national and international success, for the affirmation of athletes, young generations and Macedonia as a country.