Dushko Chifliganec and Santa Claus honoring the tradition gifted New Year’s gift packages to the children from the Association "Trisomy 21 Skopje"

With the slogan "A child's smile is worth more than anything in the world", Dushko Chifliganec, Vice President of Adora Business Group and Santa Claus, traditionally, this year had fun, socialized, played and distributed New Year’s gift packages to the Association for Support of People with Down syndrome "Trisomy 21 Skopje".

The activists in "Trisomy 21" expressed gratitude for this humanitarian mission, and stated that the New Year gifts that Adora has been providing for several years in a row, the 40 children of the association deserved with hard work and successful activities in many areas.

Wishes for beautiful holidays, happy, healthy and joyful New Year, are the most beautiful gift from the children in "Trisomy 21" received by the representatives of Adora, which will continue to help the development of the young population, as they are our future.