Ranking high, in second and third place at the BMU Southeast European Championship and triumphing in one of the races for the Macedonian Speed Motorcycling Championship on the track in Serres, is the excellent balance of prizes which Dushko Chifliganec, the successful young man, businessman and motorcyclist from Macedonia, won at the race that was held the previous weekend in Greece.

The unfurled Macedonian flag in the super close South Eastern European competition and this fascinating success in the two uncertain races with experienced competitors from Europe, the young Chifliganec achieved at the traditional BMU championship in speed motorcycling at the racing track in Serres, Greece, in the class up to 1000 cm³. This is the first participation and high prizes for Dushko Chifliganec in international racing in speed motorcycling, an adrenaline sport he has been doing since he was quite young, thus balancing out the hard work as an ambitious businessman at an international level. Dusko Chifliganec, at the motorcycle championship, rode in the colors of Adora Business Group, which has a 20-year corporate socially responsible tradition in Macedonia and now in Serbia through a joint humanitarian mission with the Novak Djokovic Foundation, where he is the vice president.

"It is never too late to reach new victories with old passions. This competition for me is the fulfillment of my first childhood dream to race motorcycles. I have been cultivating this favorite hobby for many years, but it really took a lot of energy to set aside enough time off business responsibilities and to prepare adequately to be able to fight on the podium. This success in my first competition is an indescribable pleasure for me. I congratulate the other Macedonian competitors for their success, because I truly believe that we have represented our country with great pride. Most importantly, I want to take this opportunity to appeal to the youth for conscientious and careful riding, high-speed motorcycles are really dangerous devices whose full potential we must not abuse on public roads and streets," states Dushko Chifliganec who says that the one who thinks he can and the one who thinks he can’t, are most often both correct! Most of the victory lies in our minds.

Besides Dushko Chifliganec, other Macedonian motorcyclists participated in the competition and also achieved excellent results.