Rent an advertising billboard in the heart of the Skopje next to Adora Flatiro

An illuminated billboard is available for rent at an attractive and busy location in the urban heart of Skopje, next to the new recognizable symbol of the metropolis, the striking residential and business building complex Adora Flatiron.
The billboard is 4 x 2 meters and is located on the pedestrian track on the boulevard Boris Trajkovski no.1, where the roads connecting all sides of Skopje intersect and pass through the central zone, at the border between the municipalities of Centar and Kisela Voda.
The billboard next to the complex Adora Flatiron Skopje, which is illuminate during the night, is an ideal spot for advertising of any kind. The attractive location and dynamic infrastructure with a large number of residents, visitors, vehicles and pedestrians is a guarantee for positive effects from the advertising and accomplishing success for the business and other activities presented.
For more information and terms of advertising for the billboard at Adora Flatiron, contact us at: 078 240 437