In order to enable smooth communication and constant accessibility to the clients, customers, associates and friends of the company, respecting the recommendations of the Government of Macedonia during the coronavirus crisis, Adora Engineering invites all interested parties to make make most of the corporate electronic communication channels in this modern digital era.
Those interested in our real estate offer, apartments, business premises and parking spots as well as customers who are in need of services or information regarding purchased property, can contact the sales and real estate department at: 02 5 215 21 5, 078 240 354, 072 204 024, 078 240 229, call or contact on Viber as well as email at: prodazba@adora.com.mk. Contact Adora Engineering’s administration at: 02 30 93 200 or email: office@adora.com.mk or info@adora.com.mk. For technical issues email us at: adoraing@adora.com.mk, for financial issues email us at: analitika@adora.com.mk and finansii@adora.com.mk, for commercial issues email at: trade@adora.com.mk, the email of the Project Design (architectural) bureau is: proekti@adora.com.mk, Service department e-mail: servis@adora.com.mk, ICT sector e-mail: it@adora.com.mk, Public relations and marketing e-mail: pr@adora.com.mk and marketing@adora.com.mk
You can also follow us online and contact us through Adora Engineering’s social media pages: Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, and all the information are also available on our web page: www.adora.com.mk in Macedonian and English.
The construction and real estate company Adora Engineering in the organization of its work and relations with clients and associates, respects all measures, decisions and recommendations of the Government of Macedonia and state authorities to prevent the spread and better deal with the dangers of coronavirus and to overcome more effectively the challenges of this health and economic crisis.