Rabotnicki Adora’s kickboxers won gold and two bronze medals at the Balkan kick-box championship in Skopje

At the 15th Balkan Kickboxing Championship held in Skopje, among the most successful and best placed, with one gold and two bronze medals, were three competitors from the Kickboxing Club Rabotnicki Adora.

With the winning gold medal at the Balkan Championship, Dimitar Gjorgjiev, the multiple world and European champion, our most famous and most awarded kickboxer, was the most successful in the discipline Low Kick -81 kg, standing out among the best competitors at this international championship.

Medin Ahmeti, also a kickboxer from Rabotnicki Adora, won a bronze medal in the Low Kick – 71 kg discipline. His colleague Damjan Stojcevski won a bronze medal in the Low Kick discipline – 63.5 kg.

Gjorgjiev, Ahmeti and Stojcevski represented the kickboxing club Rabotnicki Adora from Skopje at the Balkan Kickboxing Championship, which was attended by over 200 competitors from Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, BiH, Slovenia and Turkey, who competed in the men’s and women’s competition in multiple categories and different classes.

The kickboxing Club Rabotnicki Adora, which has successfully operated for three years under the auspices and with huge support from the company Adora Engineering, is among the most modern and best kickboxing clubs in the region for training professionals and enthusiasts, in order to have healthy generations and successful kickboxers who will affirm Macedonia in the world through their sport successes.