Komercijalna Banka is "Bank of the Year 2021" according to Bankarstvo.mk

Congratulations to Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje for being selected as "Bank of the Year 2021" in the country, according to the readers of the economic informative portal Банкарство.мк. Komercijalna Banka won the most total votes by far (31,507 out of 22,659 participants) by readers who had the opportunity to vote in seven categories, in a poll conducted by the portal in January this year.

The offer, professionalism, commitment and responsibility are the advantages that brought Komercijalna Banka another one of the many national and international recognitions, in the most important category "Bank of the Year for 2021", according to the selection process of Bankarstvo.mk. In addition to that, Komercijalna Banka is dominating in the categories "Bank that offers the most favorable interest rates on loans, deposits and commissions for banking operations", "Best bank in terms of brand recognition" and "Bank that is most recognizable in terms of social responsibility".

In Komercijalna Banka, which is the largest bank with domestic capital in the country, where the largest individual shareholder with 14.99% is Adora Engineering, the award is evaluated as a confirmation from the citizens for their complete satisfaction with the work of the bank. Komercijalna Banka states that meeting the needs of the customers and their user experience are top priorities in the bank's operations.

Komercijalna remains a bank that the citizens place the most trust in and is a real factor for the development of the Macedonian economy. Komercijalna Banka is the only domestic bank with private capital by the shareholders, who have maximum control and together with the employees and the top management, give assurance that in the medium and long term it will be successful.