In light of the Corona crisis, the state of emergency and recommendations for isolation, illumination of Adora Flatiron has been stopped

The purpose of the measure to temporarily turn off the outdoor lighting of the Adora Flatiron building is to show solidarity with the numerous restrictions in the daily life of the citizens, in conditions of state emergency, strict isolation, long curfews and the global pandemic COVID-19. This will reduce the cost of shared outdoor lighting of Adora Flatiron, which will help reduce the bill amount for the current maintenance of apartment and business premises in the building complex during this time of crisis.
Adora Facility Management wishes good health to the citizens and for the end of the coronavirus pandemic to come as soon as possible, after which Adora Flatiron, the recognizable urban symbol of the metropolis, will be illuminated again and at night it will shine in full splendor in the center of Skopje.

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