Dragana D. Chifliganec Ph.D, Executive Manager of Adora Engineering, addressed the challenges of family businesses at the Macedonia 2025 Summit.

"Dedicated work, care for the employees, and philanthropy are the most important things I have inherited from my father and boss, as a focus of our work. Given that family always comes first and foremost, it is not easy to prove yourself in the family business, to keep the balance and overcome the challenges which are at times sensitive, to try to find the best solution and make everyone happy when you are caught in the middle." Dragana D. Chifliganec, Ph.D, executive manager of the real estate development company Adora Engineering, explained her successful journey of 13 years in the family business sphere, a topic on which she debated with other panelists from the country and the region on the Macedonia 2025 Summit held in Skopje.
"The employees, their constant education and training, motivation and rewarding, are of the utmost importance for any successful company, in which the team should function as a family with the same vision and values," said Dragana Chifliganec, stressing that her father Vancho Chifliganec,Ph.D, a proven businessman, deeply implanted those principles in her and her brother, as an imperative in their work, expanding their investment in sports, culture and society by around € 5 million and a lot of love for building a better, more humane and equitable world.
Speaking about generational conflicts in the family business, Dragana D. Chifliganec, a proven proponent of introducing new, pioneering solutions, such as ISO standards, energy-efficient homes and continuous customer care, emphasized that in solidifying her position in the company the most important things were perseverance and consistency, successfully finished projects, her diplomatic skills, impartiality and fairness, use of the ace up her sleeve of being a daughter as well as an employee in the right moments and above all, customer satisfaction as the most relevant criterion.
The Summit Macedonia 2025 held in Skopje for the eighth time, with around 400 domestic and foreign participants from the fields of business, entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, technology and anti-pollution, strives to make our country equal to European ones, for which each individual can give their contribution in building a better standards and a better society.