Promotion of he sports monograph and documentary film "Macedonian Dream - We are world champions" published by the Foundation prof. Dr. Vancho Chifliganec

At a ceremony organized by the Foundation prof. Dr. Vancho Chifliganec, last night in Skopje a promotion of the monograph and premiere of the documentary titled "Macedonian Dream - We are world champions" was held , dedicated to the unique triumph of club sports in Macedonia, to winning the European and world gold medals in freestyle wrestling of wrestlers from Radovish. Both editions, through authentic expressions of wrestlers, sports workers and supporters, with many photos and videos, testify to the path of success of the Fight Club "Buchim-Jaka" from Radovish, to winning the European gold medal in 1995 and the World gold medal in 1996. Authors of the sports encyclopedia of wrestling in Macedonia are prof. Vancho Chifliganec, PhD, the famous businessman, former wrestler and tireless supporter of sports and wrestler Slavcho Todorov. Regarding the film that captures all the significant and exciting moments of the "golden Macedonian wrestling story", but also the social atmosphere in the young independent Macedonian state, the director prof. Jani Bojadzi, PhD and the screenwriter prof. Sashko Nasev, PhD, were behind the camera.

The book and the film are published on the 25-year- anniversary of the world wrestling championship win by "Buchim-Jaka", which inscribed the small town of Radovis in golden letters on the European and world map of great sports superpowers, celebrating 60 years since the existence of modern wrestling in Radovish and the jubilee of 30 years of independent Macedonia. The monograph immortalized the bravest cosmopolitan dream of the Macedonian wrestlers, who with dedicated training, supported by the Buchim mine, the sports workers led by prof. Vancho Chifliganec and the frenetic audience defeated the then wrestling magnates, the Hungarian team Chepel, the Turkish club Tedash and the legendary American champion David Schulz, affirming Macedonia with world sports success, turning the personal dream into a collective and national one.

At the promotion, Naumce Mojsovski, the director of the Agency for Sports and Youth, the mayor of Radovish- Aco Ristov and the sports legend Shaban Trstena appealed for greater support for sports. Journalist Goran Milkovski, a witness to the sensational, historical feats of "Buchim-Jaka" said that they are a symbol, model and inspiration for the success of many enthusiasts and Macedonian athletes. Prof. Vancho Chifliganec said that there are no big and small countries, but people with big and small hearts, and the wrestlers of Macedonia, which are people with big hearts, have climbed to the top of the world. Now the young generations are on the move, which Chifliganec encouraged to bravely step towards the top of the championships, to realize their dream and to re-affirm Macedonia as a European and sports world power.