Adora Engineering is investing 5 million euros in the construction of one of the most modern nursing homes in the municipality of Ilinden, with a capacity to accommodate 180 adults. The Managing Director of Adora Vancho Chifliganec Ph.D, at the Forum for Local Economic Development organized by the Municipality of Ilinden, emphasized that he decided to locate this humane business in an attractive ecologically clean location right in the heart of this municipality. According to him, in recent years the local self-government together with the central government has been at the forefront of the tasks at hand, responsive and constantly open to the needs of the business community, but emphasized that every entrepreneur should also be involved in helping the community with direct support.
"Adora Engineering is prepared to voluntarily donate- immediately and together with other business entities, to the extent possible, to the infrastructure development of the municipality, specifically to the construction of the sewerage system, which is of great importance to both companies and households. The best businesses are ones that operate successfully and help the community at the same time. I think that all of us present here at the Forum can help, which will contribute to running successful businesses, but it is important to have satisfied citizens in this municipality as well” said Chifliganec.
At the Forum for Local Economic Development organized by the Municipality of Ilinden, the businessmen working in this municipality had the opportunity to be introduced to the projects of the local self-government, as well as to share the problems and needs that they have in order to function better.