Second 6th November Award for Prof.Vancho Chifliganec by the Municipality of Radovish on the occasion of Liberation Day of the city

Prof. Vancho Chifliganec, PhD, one of the most well-known Macedonians from Radovish, well-established in the field of business, socio-political life, sport, university professor, philanthropist and humanist, today, for the second time, received the highest recognition "6th November" award by the Municipality of Radovish. Citizens of Radovish remember the time when Chifliganec was the general director of the mine Buchim for 10 years, a time in which Radovish experienced a kind of a renaissance, the mine was in full swing, the employees received the 13th salary, new streets were built in the city, a period in which Goldmak-Radovish, the first factory for golden jewellery and diamonds was built in the country. Also, the sports-recreation center with a swimming pool Shampion-Radovish was built, health clinics, resorts were built, while regarding sports, the wrestlers won the European and world championships. This was a time of successes which Radovish citizens still reminisce about and have fond memories of. Today, Chifliganec is a well-known businessman, owner of one of the best real estate development companies-Adora Engineering and the largest individual shareholder in Komercijalna Banka, a great humanitarian and philanthropist having invested more than 5 million euros in support of education, health, science, sport and culture in this country as well as in his hometown Radovish. In the past 19 years he actively helps the citizens of Radovish through numerous charitable actions.
"It will take a lot of time to list all the donor actions, sponsorships and support that even today Prof Vancho Chifliganec selflessly gives to many citizens from Radovish, for example for the reconstruction of the burnt down house of the Trajkovi family in the village Dedino, donations for many sports clubs in almost every sport: wrestling, handball, basketball, judo, archery, alpinism and support for young athletes. Especially important are the donations in education, in kindergartens and schools, donations of equipment-school desks and chairs, smart boards, computers, tablets for teaching during this pandemic crisis, which was one of the last donations in October this year." -with these words the Council of the Municipality of Radovish explained why prof. Vancho Chifliganec, is the winner of this award for the second time, by the municipality on the Day of the Liberation of the city. Vancho Chifliganec expressed his gratitude for this award and said that he is proud of his fellow citizens and that the energy and inspiration for his success all this years has been his hometown Raklish in Radovish and all its citizens. He urged young people to be tolerant and build friendships, and to try to win over their opponents with good deeds. "My slogan since 1994 has been- Only deeds say the truth, and in the past 20 years I have not stopped working and building good deeds, therefore I have upgraded that slogan with 'Like a stone that weighs in its place, so a man weighs with his deeds'. This sentence is the guiding principle of my life," said Chifliganec, congratulating all the winners on the 6th November Award.