The studio Dancers United from Skopje is a five-time world champion at the European Dance Championship Warsaw 2022

The inclusive group Dancers United from Macedonia, with dancers with typical and atypical development, which participated in the European Dance Championship in Poland 2022 last weekend with the support of Adora Business Group, for the fifth year in a row won a gold medal at the World Cup within this championship.

The dancers from the Skopje studio Dancers United with typical development, returned to Macedonia with a bunch of awards. A gold medal won the group Latino show in the category of youth, silver medals won the small group Latino show in the category children and juniors. The championship title of the dance championship was won by the youngest dancer, the European champion Emili Nera Kocan, in the category Mini kids Latino show, and silver and bronze medals in the category Latino dances were won by solo girls and youth couples.

Dancers United performed 50 choreographies at the European Championship. For many years, this club has been producing top-class dancers, who, as true cultural ambassadors, bring Macedonia a number of medals at national, European and world championships.

The Adora brand continues to support young talents in sports, science, culture and art in this time of crisis, keeping true to its 20 years of humane, socially responsible mission.