With the first place, our Adora athlete Antonio Damjanovski triumphed for the 4th time at the Macedonian Championship Motocross Smolevo 2022

Our youngest and most successful moto cross talent, 15-year-old Antonio Damjanovski from Bitola, achieved the best ranking for the 4th time, winning first place in the MX2 class, last weekend at the national motocross championship Smolevo 2022.

This last highest title in motocross races is especially important for the young Damjanovski, given that in the audience on the track Smolevo near his hometown Bitola, were his family and friends, who cheered him on together with many fans and supporters. With the victory at Smolevo 2022, the successes of our Adora athlete in this season continue, marked by high placements at the European BMU championships in Turkey, BiH, Serbia, Romania, national championships in the region and winning first place at the Macedonian championship Lagovo 2022 near Prilep.

The young exceptional motocross talent Antonio Damjanovski, who this season in the MX2 class with a 250cc engine, competes with the general sponsorship of the Adora Business Group, is the Golden Helmet of Macedonia, holder of 8 first places at national championships, with over 20 top rankings at the European Championships in the Balkans.

The Adora brand, recognizable for its 20 years of support for sports and care for the community, believes that other companies and socially responsible entities will recognize Damjanovski's exceptional potential and help him conquer new sports peaks globally, which is an affirmation of Macedonia in the world.