Traditional Vasilica pie with a coin in Adora for a happy Orthodox New Year

The happiness for the tenth anniversary of the active work and involvement in Adora Engineering, for Nina Kepeska from the sector of public relations and marketing, was crowned with the finding of the coin in the Vasilica pie. Colleagues of the new godmother Nina wished her good luck, good health and a successful year, together with all employees of Adora Business Group. In Adora there is a long tradition of searching for the coin in the pie on Vasilica, when employees wish each other a happy Orthodox New Year, which according to the old, Julian calendar, begins today on January 14, the holiday dedicated to St. Basil the Great.

Vasilica is one of the most beautiful Christian holidays, followed by Epiphany-Vodici and St. John. For these and all other holidays, as well as on ordinary days, the doors of the Orthodox Church dedicated to St. John the Baptist in Aerodrom, Skopje are open. This church was built and donated by Adora Engineering and the Chifliganec family on the quay of the “Macedonian Jordan”, near the bridge Bliznak on the river Vardar, next to the airplane park in Novo Lisice, as a sign of gratitude for the trust shown by the residents in the 1,500 homes built by the Adora brand in the 20 high quality residential and business buildings in the municipality of Aerodrom in Skopje.

The Church of St. John the Baptist (Sv. Jovan Krstitel) is open to all believers and well-wishers, from Macedonia and the world, including our friends from Serbia, where we are currently completing the pioneering innovative project 21st Century Zlatibor Residence, Spa & Wellness by Adora in the heart of the beautiful Zlatibor mountain tourist center, one of the most popular in the Balkans.