The Foundation "Novak Djokovic", Adora Business Group and the Foundation "Prof. Dr. Vanco Chifliganec" as main partners opened a new kindergarten in Ljubis near Zlatibor

The Foundations "Novak Djokovic" and "Prof. Dr. Vanco Chifliganec", together with Adora Business Group, as the main partners in a joint mission, opened a completely reconstructed and renovated kindergarten in the village of Ljubis, near Zlatibor, and showed that humanity knows no borders. It is a new, modernly equipped kindergarten in a rural area in the municipality of Cajetina in Serbia, which is part of the project of the Foundation Djokovic to develop smaller cities and villages and by offering conditions for a better life to motivate people not to migrate and stay in their hometowns.

The kindergarten in the village of Ljubis, located just a few kilometers from Zlatibor, is the 46th newly opened kindergarten, which aims to provide preschool children coming from less developed areas with a space to learn, play and develop in a safe, adequate and creative environment. The opening of the kindergarten was attended by the Mayor of the Municipality of Cajetina, Milan Stamatovic, who thanked the two foundations for their humanitarian mission, on behalf of the residents and children of the village Ljubis, who were overjoyed.
A gratitude plaque was granted to the management of Adora- to prof. Vancho Chifliganec and Dushko Chifliganec by Novak and Jelena Djokovic. "A child’s smile is worth more than anything in the world", stated Dushko Chifliganec, vice president of Adora Business Group, emphasizing that it is a great honor to collaborate with a global foundation and with the Djokovic family, and the satisfaction that we are able to help provide a happier childhood and better education for the youngest, which are our future, is immeasurable.

Through the cooperation with the Foundation Novak Djokovic, Adora Business Group and the Foundation Prof. Dr. Vancho Chifliganec, continue the corporate socially responsible tradition of always giving something back in the environments in which they operate and to share the success with the local population and community. Adora, as it has been growing steadily over the past 20 years, has consistently participated in building a better society for all, investing more than € 5 million in support of sport, health, culture, education.

Adora's philanthropic mission continues in Serbia, where through the newly formed company, Adora Living Solutions, which is its representative on the Serbian market, builds the innovative residential-hotel complex of 7,000 m2 "21st Century Residence, Spa & Wellness by Adora", with a variety of well-designed content for complete enjoyment in the beautiful, mountainous Zlatibor.