Rabotnicki Adora Martial Arts Center with new sports, many competitors and many awards won in 2022

The Kickboxing club Rabotnicki Adora this year has grown into a Center for Martial Arts Rabotnicki Adora, with an expanded composition of martial arts, a number of active competitors in kickboxing, judo, MME (mixed martial arts), recreational group for children's gymnastics and martial arts self-defense, for which a cooperation has been established with the Military Academy in Skopje.

The confirmation of the success of the wrestlers are the numerous gold, silver, bronze medals won in 2022 and the high placements achieved at the national and international championships in kickboxing and judo.

The leader of the center Dimitar Gjorgjiev, the 4-time world and European champion in kickboxing, continuous national champion from 2009 until today, winner of over 30 gold international medals, on June 3 this year will fight to win the belt of the European professional title in kickboxing up to 81.4 kg against wrestler Nikola Drobnjak, in Zvornik, BiH.

Rabotnicki Adora Martial Arts Center established under the auspices of Adora Business Group in 2018, with many sports enthusiasts, has grown into the best club in the country for professional and amateur martial arts training for around 150 young members. The wrestlers constantly prove that the sport deserves support, to build healthy young generations and for sports affirmation of Macedonia in the world.