Congratulations from Adora for the 67th anniversary of Kisela Voda, the oldest and largest municipality in Skopje

Adora Engineering and its Managing Director prof. Vancho Chifliganec,PhD, received a plaque, a key from the municipality of Kisela Voda, as a symbol that the door of the municipality is always open to socially responsible companies that support its development for a better life of citizens.

The oldest municipality in Skopje celebrated its 67th anniversary with a special session of the council, which highlighted the infrastructural, educational, sports and cultural projects, which will bring a better life for the inhabitants of the largest municipality in the capital.

The Mayor, Orce Gjorgjievski said that with works and projects he will make Kisela Voda a modern municipality, in which everyone will want to live and thanked all socially responsible companies and individuals who are the pride of the municipality.

Adora Business Group, a socially responsible company with a 20-year tradition, in Kisela Voda is the main sponsor of the renovation of the sports hall in the primary school "Nevena Georgievska Dunja", whi was previously completely ruined, and is now a place to develop the sports spirit of young people. The construction and real estate development brand that built the residential and business complex Adora Flatiron in Kisela Voda, the new striking urban symbol of Skopje, has reconstructed the dilapidated roof of the Special education school "Dr. Zlatan Sremec" in this municipality, for the safe education of over a hundred children with special needs.