Merry Christmas, the feast of the nativity of Christ

Adora Business Group (Foundation Prof. Dr. Vancho Chifliganec) congratulates all Orthodox Christians who celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar, the great holiday of the nativity of Christ.

The celebration is announced by the little merry carolers who visit the houses in the morning hours of Christmas Eve, January 6, singing carols, and are given presents by the hosts. On Christmas Eve, there is fasting food on the tables, and the oldest member of the family breaks the bread or the pie with a coin, which is distributed to everyone in the house, a piece is left for God and the house and the one who finds the coin is considered to be the happiest and most successful in the coming year. This custom is practiced in certain parts of Macedonia on the Christian holiday Vasilica, for the Orthodox New Year.

Orthodox christians in Macedonia celebrate the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ on January 7, congratulating each other on the holiday with the greeting "Christ is born. "Indeed, he is born." Traditionally, Christmas is celebrated with family and loved ones, with a big meal and best wishes, for good health, joy, harmony, peace, humanity, solidarity, helping, prosperity and a better, brighter future, symbolized by the star of Jesus. Wishing a Merry Christmas, may it bring us a more beautiful, healthier and happier future for all!