Chifliganec opened the issue - Vučić ordered an agreement to be signed as soon as possible, which will allow Macedonian and Serbian citizens to buy real estate in both countries

Macedonian businessmen Vancho and Dusko Chifliganec, the top management of Adora, which currently has a construction investment of 15 million euros in Serbia, opened the issue at the meeting "Open Balkans" in Belgrade with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and asked an agreement to be signed between the two countries that will allow Macedonian and Serbian citizens to buy and own real estate in the two neighboring countries.

Serbian President Vučić reacted immediately and asked of the Serbian and Macedonian services to find a solution and this issue to be closed as soon as possible so that Macedonian citizens can freely buy real estate in Serbia and vice versa, Serbian citizens in Macedonia. He expects the issues that were opened in Belgrade today to be closed as soon as possible in the interest of businessmen and citizens.

The General Manager of Adora Engineering, prof. Vancho Chifliganec, PhD, and the director of Adora Living Solutions-Belgrade, Dushko Chifliganec, who were part of the representatives of the Macedonian business delegation at the meeting with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov, representatives of chambers of commerce and businessmen from all three countries welcomed the "Open Balkans" initiative and stressed that only in this way bridges can be built between nations and the countries of the Western Balkans, not walls like some politicians in the world do.
Businessmen believe that the "Open Balkans" initiative will enable and improve the free movement of goods and human resources, the provision of services, and above all, the freedom of capital flow, the basic European and world postulates for achieving better business relations. "With the 'Open Balkan' initiative, together with politicians and businessmen, we will break down the barriers that are placed in business in the Balkan countries, and our people will become even closer." I am glad that businessmen from Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and other countries in the region are equally accepted in my country. Personally, as a Macedonian businessman, two years ago I started a business in the construction sector in Serbia, as a direct investment of the company Adora Living Solutions - Belgrade, investing around 15 million euros in both directions.
I am investing in Serbia, and I am accepted at home, I am treated as if I were a domestic investor or more precisely as if I were a desired foreign investor. This is the initiative "Open Balkan" in action, not only declaratively, but practically and I believe that through this initiative our cooperation will continue to improve. Our common goal is the economic benefit of our people in the Balkans," said Chifliganec at a meeting at the Palace Serbia in Belgrade.