In our latest building complex  21st Century Zlatibor Residence, Spa & Wellness, which is in the final stage of construction in Zlatibor, Serbia, today, September 18, 2021, is open day for socializing with interested buyers,, for which the building and apartments will be open for visiting. The purpose of this event is for potential buyers to be able to see all phases of construction, to walk through its completed and unfinished parts and to see for themselves in the most transparent way the quality of construction, design and complete interior equipment of some of the apartments.

The hosts of this special event are the director of the investor company, the construction site manager, the architects, the designers, the sales agents-consultants and other members of the team dedicated to the project. Representatives of the Adorabrand will provide visitors with all the information about the 21st Century Zlatibor  complex in terms of architecture, stability and all aspects of quality, such as presentation of the wall composition, energy efficiency, sound insulation and other important, state-of-the-art, technologically innovative solutions, which are not visible to the naked eye, but provide customers with a range of benefits and advantages, offering them comfort in housing at the highest level.

Everyone who has confirmed their presence at tomorrow's event at our facility on Zlatibor, which is adapted and specially prepared for this event, with protective equipment, accompanied by a professional team, will be introduced live to the current activities for setting up installations, making floor and wall bases and construction of the facade of the complex.

Visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to be the first to enter and see the fully furnished representative suites, and see for themselves what their interior will look like, created according to the offered design lines, equipped from A to Z, starting from furniture, bedding, cutlery, down to the most refined decorative elements and the finest details.

The Adora team will be available to interested buyers, with answers to all their questions, both regarding the complex and the benefits of obtaining a housing loan and the profitability of this investment, which when done wisely, this innovative concept of management and renting, returns the invested money to the buyers.

The reception, open day is from 16:00, in the complex 21st Century Zlatibor Resdence Spa Wellness, located in the heart of Zlatibor, which is an ideal combination of luxury, nature, comfort, hedonism, top quality construction and state-of-the-art Smart solutions. In addition to exploring the complex, information and video presentation, there will be a cocktail party for the attendees.

This project is realized by the leading Macedonian construction brand Adora Business Group, which entered the real estate market in friendly Serbia with 20 years of experience in high-rise construction, as evidenced by over 400 thousand m² built area of residential and commercial buildings, in more than 13 thousand citizens live and work. The brand is an important part of the banking sector in Macedonia, has successful investments in other business spheres in Europe and the Middle East, has won over 50 national and international awards, and has invested more than 5 million euros in SCR activities in Macedonia and Serbia.

Through its subsidiary in Serbia, Adora Living Solutions, the Adora brand introduces to the Serbian market the innovative system of smart investment in high quality real estate, in order to raise the standards in high-rise construction in this area, following the example of the developed world.