In the modern building Aerodrom Kruzhen Tek there is only one available, business space of 51 m² left.

Local no. 5, located on the ground floor of this high-quality residential business building, in entrance no. 1 is ideal for successfully developing and running a variety of businesses and services.
The Aerodrom Kruzhen Tek facility is at an excellent, busy location, at st. Vangel Todorovski no. 5, in the heart of the modern municipality of Aerodrom, just 10 minutes on foot from Skopje's central city square. In the immediate vicinity there are the International Train and Bus Station in Skopje, the Jane Sandanski Polyclinic, the Orthodox Church of St. Ilia, the Kindergartens Izvorche and Kalinka, the Blaze Koneski Elementary School, a few well-known shopping malls, banks and other institutions near the boulevards Jane Sandanski and Kuzman Josifovski Pitu, with a developed infrastructure and excellent accessibility for clients and citizens.

The building Aerodrom Kruzhen Tek is at an excellent, busy location, at st. Vangel Todorovski No. 5, in the heart of the modern municipality Aerodrom, just 10 minutes walking distance away from the central city square in Skopje. Nearby there are the international railroad and bus station in Skopje, the Polyclinic Jane Sandanski the orthodox church St. Ilija, the kindergartens Izvorche and Kalinka, the elementary school Blazhe Koneski, several well-known shopping centers, banks and other institutions, it is near the boulevards Jane Sandanski and Kuzman Josifovski Pitu, with a well-developed infrastructure.
The modern high-quality residential-business building Aerodrom Kruzhen Tek has only one available, business space with a surface area of 51 m² left. Business unit no. 5, located on the ground floor, entrance 1, is ideal for successful development and leading of various businesses and service providing.

  • Geomechanical and aseismic stability from 80 to 105 MPa, proven by an artificial earthquake.
  • Reinforced-concrete foundation slab up to 125 cm, concrete firmness from 30 to 40 MB.
  • Energy efficiency A-class, up to 6 times decreased energy consumption for heating and cooling, drastically lower electricity bills.
  • Thermal-insulated façade with 12 cm graphite styrofoam and 16 cm mineral wool for roofs
  • Constructed with ceramic blocks with specially designed bricks with low heat conductivity
  • Geneo Fipro facade joinery, metal-free PVC profiles and three-layer glass packages with low emission glass.
  • Sun energy photovoltaics for joint lighting, without additional electricity bills.
  • High sound insulation, sound permeability index above 40 db, confirmed by a scientific investigation by the Faculty of Civil Engineering within the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje and licensed companies.
  • Decreased CO₂ emission in the air
  • Horticultural enriched surroundings with green plants and a park for tenants’ relaxation.
  • Modern parking lots with horizontal and vertical signalization and remote control.

Location: str. Vangel Todorovski No. 5 Aerodrom - Skopje
Available 1 exclusive business premises: 51 m²
With private modern parking lots
With title deed!


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