• Location: Municipality Ilinden, near Skopje
  • Complex for accommodation, care and recreation of elderly persons
  • Building approval


Humane business

In the spirit of corporate social responsibility, in order to enrich its operations with a humane business, Adora Engineering is implementing a project for the construction of a home for accommodation and care of elderly persons Vtora Mladost in the municipality Ilinden, right next to the Macedonian metropolis, Skopje. The complex is being built at an attractive location in the heart of the modern municipality Ilinden, along the main street, with access to developed infrastructure, right next to the capital city Skopje.

The goal is for the Balkan region to have the best and a state-of-the-art home for accommodation, care and dignified aging of elderly persons, of high quality, following modern European standards.

Complex for accommodation, care and recreation of elderly persons

The retirement home is built on a parcel of 30.000 m², in an ecologically clean environment, with accommodation capacity of more than 200 persons, for which staff of 60 employees shall take care. The building is designed with a ground floor and five floors above, a section for housing, common space, premises for treatment and care, restaurant, kitchen, balconies and additional content. The capacity will offer comfortable accommodation and adequate care with modern conditions for comfortable living, medical services and health care, for nutrition, recreation, sport, entertainment and relaxation. The complex Vtora Mladost, envisioned according to the latest European standards, by hiring expert staff and top professionals, doctors, nurses, caregivers, physiotherapists, social workers, psychologists, housekeepers, cooks, service and sport workers, shall offer excellent conditions to the elderly citizens for accommodation, care, relaxation and humane living. The complex will have horticulturally enriched and conceptually planned scenery, with content for accommodation and recreation, sports fields and various additional services, for entertainment and socializing of the tenants, their visitors and guests.
According to the plan, the project should be finalized in 2020.

Quality based on modern European standards:

  • Top geomechanical and aseismic stability from 60 to 80 MPa, proven with artificial earthquake.
  • Reinforced-concrete construction system, concrete firmness from 35 to 50 MB
  • Certified energy-efficiency with significant savings of energy for heating and cooling
  • Excellent thermal and hydro insulation and excellent sound insulation by the highest international standards
  • Modernly furnished interior and carefully designed content for comfortable accommodation, health protection, care, rehabilitation, nutrition, recreation and relaxation, according to the latest world trends and modern standards
  • Modern elevators
  • Landscaped scenery, horticulturally enriched area
  • Sports fields for recreation
  • Various services available
  • Modern security systems and video surveillance
  • Modern parking lots on the ground floor