The biggest indoor garden in real estate in Europe

The Diamond Garden by Adora is situated at an attractive urban location, in the popular neighborhood Taftalidzhe, Karposh municipality, Skopje, at st. Moskovska no.17 A. The residential-commercial building with its 5.5 tons of plants has been named the largest indoor garden in a building for housing purposes in Europe and is next to the main traffic arteries in Skopje, educational and sports facilities, a green market, restaurants and shops. It offers an open view and fresh air from Vodno, Shar Planina, Skopska Crna Gora and the river Vardar and it is an ideal spot for green, intimate housing and running successful businesses.


The ten-storey building has a total surface area of 12.600 m². In both entrances there are two fast, noiseless elevators, 136 modern functional homes ranging from 30 m² to 165 m², luxurious penthouse apartments on the top floor and parking spaces on the ground floor and one underground level. Especially attractive are the apartments on the corners of the building, with a structural glass façade, which with its green glass fences on the terraces and the glass detailing on the roof gives a special architectural ornamentation and a strong identifiable signature to this edifice. The central part of the interior is enriched with 2 atriums, indoor courtyards with a glass roof and an open view to the sky, enabling natural light to shine through and circulation of fresh air. The two atriums, throughout the whole building, are enriched with 5.5 tons of different types of plants of natural origin. At the entrance of the building there is a doorman service with a reception desk, which is available 24 hours a day to the residents and visitors.

The construction of Diamond Garden started in September 2016. The building opened its doors for the first residents on 28th August 2018, when coinciding with the 16th anniversary of Adora Engineering the building was officially opened.

First building with a Boutique housing concept in Southeast Europe

Adora Engineering celebrated its 16th anniversary with another great success, opening the first Diamond garden for green housing in Skopje and Macedonia. At the same time, this exclusive residential-commercial building won the prestigious award by the Worldwide Marketing Organization for implementing the Boutique real estate concept in Southeast Europe, bringing the latest style in architecture and real estate on a global scale to the region. With a structure inspired by the green-blue color scheme of the emerald and diamond, in the spirit of the growing trend of green homes and green cities, we created an urban oasis for intimate, green housing in the building Adora Diamond Garden, which exudes particular architecture and design, unique to this area.

Exclusive business premises

On the ground floor of the building Diamond Garden by Adora there are exclusive business premises where commercial units are available to the tenants and the nearby residents, bringing a new offer to this part of Skopje.
For the needs of the clients we have provided parking lots around the building, which has a well-developed infrastructure, good connectivity and is easily accessible with a vehicle, public transport or on foot.
With their attractive location, high quality and excellent conditions, the business premises in the Diamond Garden by Adora are suitable for developing successful businesses and a variety of activities.

Exterior with the gracefulness of the diamond

The exterior architecture of Diamond Garden by Adora has introduced the latest trends of the urban world architecture to Skopje. Inspired by the structure, colors and transparency of the precious diamond and the emerald, the building radiates with symbols of infrangibility and durability, synonymous with the stability of a home, one of the key elements of Adora Engineering’s image. The green-blue shades and decorative elements give a special elegance and gracefulness to the exterior of the building, which is in perfect symbiosis with the indoor green garden. With a pleasant, unobtrusive appearance, perfectly blended in the environment, with the urban equipment, symbols and greenery in the yard, Adora Diamond Garden introduced a new, boutique concept of real estate to the area, where the sense of home radiates even from the exterior of the building. Raising the housing standards to a higher, European level, this building made a strong identifiable mark and a recognizable urban expression in Skopje, drastically setting it apart from the usual housing concept in these areas.

Interior- An urban green oasis for housing

With your very first step into the building Diamond Garden by Adora, you feel like you have entered a real indoor natural garden. The little "green kingdom" of small trees with green, red and other colors and shades, conveniently decorated, spread over all of the floors and halls, and the moss on the walls in the atriums, offers a unique sight that is a treat for all the senses.
All plants in this urban oasis are with 100% natural origin, preserved with a unique, ecological process for maintaining the freshness, colour, texture and elasticity of the trees and the flora for several years. The tenants and the visitors of the complex have a unique opportunity to enjoy their homes, which are in a highly-developed urban area, yet nature is inhabited in the uniquely decorated scenery of their homes.
Adora’s Diamond Garden is complemented by a range of mindfully designed content for leisure and socializing of the tenants and visitors, starting from the entrance lobby. The interior is in industrial style, with numerous branded symbols, characteristically designed to the finest detail, in the spirit of the structure of the diamond, emerald, wood, stainless steel, corroded steel, with a sophisticated, modern design.

A kids’ play area

A special feature inside Diamond Garden by Adora is the carefully designed children's play area for socializing, playing, fun and recreation for the youngest tenants. The children's play area is located on one of the atriums of the building, which radiates with the green shades of the moss on the walls and the garden that extends up to the roof of the building. With ambient lighting, the kids' area along with its modern style and specially designed urban equipment, offers tranquility, relaxation and relief from the stress and dynamics of everyday life to its young and adult residents.


The facility has won two international awards: The Bizz 2016 in Monte Carlo, Monaco, for outstanding innovation in style and quality of housing from the World Business Confederation and a Gold Medal for Introducing the Boutique Concept in Real Estate in Southeast Europe, 2018 from the World Marketing Organization Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Adora’s Diamond Garden has also won the eighth National award from the Ministry of Economy for a long-term project for the introduction and development of green, energy-efficient homes.