Partnership project with the Novak Djokovic Foundation to support the education of children

Adora Business Group, through a partnership of the Novak Djokovic and prof. Dr. Vancho Chifliganec Foundations, in 2021 realized a joint humanitarian mission to build a fully equipped, modern kindergarten for the youngest residents of the village Ljubis, near the mountain center Zlatibor, Serbia. The new kindergarten, located in a rural area in the municipality of Cajetina, is part of the Djokovic Foundation's project for the development of smaller towns, in order to motivate people not to move out of their homes. The kindergarten in Ljubis is the 46th newly opened kindergarten, which aims to provide preschool children coming from less developed backgrounds to learn, play and grow in a safe, adequate and creative environment. The World’s No. 1 tennis player Novak and his wife Jelena Djokovic, at the opening ceremony of the kindergarten, handed a gratitude plaque to the top management of Adora. The top management of Adora told the youngest generations in Ljubis that it is a great honor to work with a global foundation and the Djokovic family, and the satisfaction that this joint mission will provide a happier childhood and better education for children, as a key factor for a better tomorrow and a more prosperous future, are immeasurable.
Through the cooperation with the Novak Djokovic Foundation, Adora Business Group and the Foundation prof. Dr. Vancho Chifliganec, continue the socially responsible tradition and corporate philosophy to give back to the community in the environments in which they have business activities, to share the success with the population and to help for a better and happier life of the local population. Adora's 20-year philanthropic mission continues in Serbia, where through the newly established company, Adora Living Solutions, its representative on the Serbian market, the Macedonian brand with international reputation, builds the innovative residential-hotel complex of 7,000 m², 21st Century Zlatibor Residence, Spa & Wellness Adora, in the beautiful tourist center Zlatibor.

Kickboxing Center Rabotnichki Adora

Support for sport and athletes

The Sports Center Rabotnicki Adora, modernly equipped following European standards, is located at st. Orce Nikolov no. 182 A, in the first residential-commercial building of Adora Engineering in Karposh 2, Skopje. One of the best kickboxing centers in the Balkans has the ideal conditions for practice, preparation and training of professional kickboxers and for recreational purposes for non-professionals- men and women of different ages, under the guidance and supervision of professional, trained and licensed trainers. The training center Rabotnicki Adora was opened in November 2018 as a partnership between Adora Engineering and the Municipality of Centar-Skopje. The head coach, Dimitar Gjorgjiev, one of the most successful and most awarded kickboxers in Macedonia, a multiple World and European champion, with over 30 international trophies and numerous national medals, has been continuously under the patronage of Adora Engineering and the Foundation Prof. Dr. Vancho Chifliganec since 2013. This project, as well as the support of the basketball players of MZT Skopje Aerodrom, Karposh-Sokoli, and other clubs, individuals and sport events, is aimed at supporting sports overall and young, talented people to develop sportsmanship for better placement of Macedonia on the international stage, producing successful athletes and building a sports nation for a healthier and better society.

A new home for the family Trajkovi who lost their home to a fire in Dedino

Humanitarian projects for vulnerable categories of citizens

The newly built, first energy-efficient class-A home in Dedino, Municipality of Konce, by Adora Engineering and the Foundation Prof. dr. Vancho Chifliganec, was donated to Ivana and Jovan Trajkovi in May 2017. A new, warm home for the spouses Trajkovi has been erected on the site of their old family home, the house that was completely destroyed in a fire in December 2016. Heavily affected by their calamity, Vancho Chifliganec decides to help them have their home back as soon as possible, encouraged by the ancient tradition of the Macedonian people for solidarity and lending a helping hand to those in need. In just 5 months, Ivana and Jovan returned to their new fully equipped, happy home, sanctified by the Orthodox Christian traditions, with a blessing for a long, serene and dignified life after retirement and a carefree life in old age. This project is part of the humanitarian mission of Adora Engineering and the Foundation Prof. Dr.Vancho Chifliganec for offering help to the community and citizens, such as the repairment of the dilapidated roof under which 100 students go to school in the Special State School Zlaten Sremec in Skopje, several thousand meals for the homeless in Skopje have been distributed, continually since 2014, aid has been given to the affected by floods and fires, donations have been made to children's hospitals, schools and kindergartens throughout Macedonia, humanitarian aid packages for over 200 socially disadvantaged people in Ohrid and Debrca have been donated, many scholarships have been awarded to talented young people as well as to employees of Adora Engineering, continual support to educational institutions, academies, schools has been given…
For the rebuilding of the Trajkovi home in Dedino, Adora Engineering received the 5th National Award for Best Socially Responsible Practices in the category Investment in the Community from the Ministry of Economy.

Eco Homes for a healthier society

Eight National Awards for Green Homes

Adora Engineering is a pioneer in the introduction and a leader in the advancement of energy-efficient homes in Macedonia, which the company began building in 2006 when this matter was not even legally regulated in our country. The company built the first energy-efficient facility which in 2014 received the first certificate for Energy features of A-Class of buildings in Macedonia. The energy efficiency is continuously being improved with each newly constructed building, with tenants benefiting most from the Adora Engineering homes, by reducing their heating and cooling bills and electricity costs significantly compared to previous buildings. Adora Engineering first introduced photovoltaic systems in Macedonia, using renewable energy sources, to illuminate the common areas of buildings and for night illumination, for which tenants do not receive additional electricity bills. For the first time in Macedonia, a vapor-permeable, waterproof organic facade with innovative technologies has been installed in the collective residential building of Adora Engineering. By reducing CO2 emissions into the air and with excellent sound insulation, far higher than Macedonian standards, Adora Engineering has made a major contribution to protecting the environment from eco and noise pollution.
Adora Engineering has received eight national awards from the Ministry of Economy for building and upgrading eco-homes, environmental protection, noise pollution protection, building Europe's largest indoor garden, and contributing to the building of green cities.

Orthodox Church St. Jovan Krstitel

Spiritual Temple for the residents of the Municipality of Aerodrom

The Orthodox Temple of St. Jovan Krstitel (St.John the Baptist), one of the most valuable and impressive donations of the ktetor Vancho Chifliganec Ph.D., the foundation bearing the same name and the company Adora Engineering, is in the Municipality of Aerodrom, Skopje, on the Vardar River – the "Macedonian Jordan", near Bliznak bridge and the Airplane Park in Novo Lisiche. The construction of the church started in 2012, and it was completed and consecrated on 14th June 2014 by the Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric, Archbishop Stefan, the archpriests and clergy, at a large church gathering and it was completed with a baptistery in 2018. The five-dome church is 15.5 m high, with a distinctive, recognizable, ancient architecture, rich frescoes inside and a Byzantine-style mosaic of St. Jovan Krstitel above the exterior entrance, it is built according to the cannons of MOC and the traditions of Macedonian cultural heritage. The church complex has a baptistery, a bell tower, a cross-shaped fountain and a horticultural park decorated with very old natural stone, weighing 15 tons, brought from the Buchim Mine with the life motto of the church-donor Chifliganec: “Only our deeds are the truth and a testimony to our existence.” The temple is a donation to Orthodox Christians in the Municipality of Aerodrom, where Adora Engineering has had the largest investment and built 20 representative residential and business buildings, housing around 6,000 people. The church is a recognizable symbol of this part of Skopje and a highly visited spiritual object that lives on with thousands of believers and visitors, with their prayers, baptisms, weddings and religious holidays.
The St. Jovan Krstitel spiritual temple construction project has won the 2015 National Award for Best Socially Responsible Project in the Investment in the Community category by the Ministry of Economy.

Memorial Monument Catcher of a Cross on Epiphany day

A cult symbol for the citizens of Ohrid and tourists in the center of Ohrid

The authentic monument Catcher of a Cross, a symbol of Orthodox customs for the holiday of Christ's baptism on Epiphany day, is located in the center of Ohrid, near the city port, on the shores of Lake Ohrid, where every January 19th the largest celebration of Epiphany occurs in this part of the Orthodox world. The monument which is a synonym for all the catchers of the cross, dedicated to all the swimmers in the great Ohrid lake during the holiday Epiphany day, is a gift to Ohrid, to citizens of Ohrid, to all the orthodox Christians and guests in the biggest tourist center of Macedonia, by Vancho Chifliganec, PhD, a godfather of the event Epiphany Ohrid 2012. The Memorial monument Catcher of a Cross has been consecrated on July 5, 2014, and since then it has been one of the most visited sites in Ohrid, a favorite meeting spot of Ohrid citizens, where visitors to the “Balkan Jerusalem” gather from all over the world. The idea of the donor Vancho Chifliganec, Ph.D. was to give a symbol that completes the story of Epiphany, and with that, it has grown into a new attraction of the city of Ohrid, and to all the citizens who nurtured and continued the well-known tradition in Ohrid on Epiphany Day. The monument is a bronze sculpture, three meters high, by author Angel Korunovski, an academic sculptor from Veles, depicting the extraction of a cross from the consecrated waters of Lake Ohrid on Epiphany day, placed on a pedestal made of relief stone, white marble with early Christian motifs and scenes of the Holy Cross and the feast of Jesus' baptism.
The monument for Epiphany is one of the most visited sites in the touristic, spiritual, historical and cultural center that is Ohrid and immortalized on thousands of photographs of the citizens, domestic and foreign tourists.

A fountain in the park Kisela Voda in Skopje

Urban pleasant spot for relaxation and rest of citizens

The fountain Macedonia is located in the park in the municipality of Kisela Voda, Skopje, adorning it since 2011. This donation by Adora Engineering in the municipality where the company has had significant investment projects since 2007 has refurbished the old park, beautifying, refining and enriching this neglected space. The fountain, created by several flying stones with waterfalls, is reminiscent of the ancient history, tradition and solid identity of Macedonia, the Macedonian people and the turmoil through time. This charming spot decorated with a fountain donated by Adora Engineering for the residents of this part of the city has grown into a popular and a much-visited place for rest and recreation of the citizens where they've found peace and relaxation from the daily stress of urban life in the Macedonian metropolis.

The socially responsible project for the construction of the fountain Macedonia in the park in Skopje's municipality of Kisela Voda has been awarded as the best in the category of Investment in the community by the Ministry of Economy in 2012.

Clock Towers in Gjorche Petrov-Skopje and Strumica

Urban symbols that show the time

Adora Engineering has built and donated two impressive clock towers, one in the municipality of Gjorche Petrov in Skopje and the other in the municipality of Strumica. These socially beneficial projects have been implemented in environments where the Adora Engineering Company has successfully implemented significant investment projects, with the construction of representative residential-commercial buildings with a recognizable style. The idea of the donor, Vancho Chifliganec Ph.D., was for the inhabitants of these municipalities to receive clock towers as witnesses of time, events and people, which with each beat will measure every moment while being visible from every spot, and will show the exact time for present and future generations.
The clock tower in Gjorce Petrov, known as Gjorche Petrov’s own Big Ben, 13 meters high and with a unique style, located in the vicinity of the Adora Engineering residential building, has become a recognizable symbol that has imprinted an identifiable mark in this part of Skopje and since 2009 it has continuously measured time as a witness to the happenings of the 21st century.
The Strumica Clock Tower, since 2010, adorns the central square in the center of the city near the city park. It is a gift from Adora Engineering to Strumica’s residents who put their trust in the company by choosing a home in the residential and business buildings Adora built near the city park. The clock tower, which has enriched the image of the urban heart of Strumica and is often seen in numerous photographs and videos from this town, is an eternal witness to the present and the times to come.
The clock towers in Skopje's Gjorce Petrov and Strumica are part of Adora Engineering's long-term strategy to support municipalities with actions for a better quality of life for the citizens. These socially beneficial projects, rated as the best, are the recipients of a national award from the Ministry of Economy in the category of Investment in the community.