The foundations of Adora, as a business initiative of the family Chifliganec, were laid in 1992, with the establishment of the first privately owned pharmacy in Radovish, which grew into a wholesale pharmacy, led by Danka Chifliganec, a specialist in drug control, successfully working for a decade. In 2002, when new business opportunities emerged on the market economy, having the natural building gene, the family Chifliganec started working and focusing on building construction.

The Chifliganec family

Vancho Chifliganec, Ph.D- Founder and Managing director

       "Adora Engineering is a fulfilment of my childhood dream to build modern houses and homes for safe and quality living. For 20 years, the company has been growing with the motto 'Only the deeds are reality'. As a Ph.D holder, after 11 years of successful management of the biggest copper mine Buchim, and after an intensive socio-political, teaching and sport professional engagement, in 2002 I began with construction. Adora Engineering established itself as one of the fastest-growing and most successful companies in Macedonia, a pioneer in implementing innovations, international standards and modern trends on quality housing. I am proud that 13,000 citizens live in our homes, which for me is a pleasure and a source of happiness, but also a big responsibility to justify their trust as well.” By working creatively and dedicatedly, Adora Engineering in just 20 years has grown into a real brand in the civil construction sector –high-rise building construction, in the country, the Balkans, Europe, and the world”.

In 2006, the Adora Engineering team is joined by Dragana Chifliganec, Ph.D., with a diploma in the area of marketing from the renowned University of Sheffield International College, in Thessaloniki, Greece, she moves all the way up the company ladder, obtains a Ph.D and becomes the Executive Manager of the company. Dragana has provided substantial contribution to the implementation of international standards, tracing the path of new technologies and innovative solutions for better quality housing, which became Adora’s distinguishable image. From her first day in the company, she has been working hard on implementing the first A-class energy-efficient homes and the photovoltaics lighting systems, which resulted in long-term energy savings and protection of the environment. Dragana Chifliganec has dedicated a significant amount of her attention to customer care, even after the purchase process, with numerous surprises and awards for the buyers, which always receive more than just a home from Adora. She is quite active in the socially beneficial projects for creating a better quality life for the citizens, by investing in the wellbeing of the municipalities and the community, so we can collectively, step by step, build more humane housing and a healthier society.

      In 2015, the team of Adora expanded with a new member, Dushko Chifliganec, who with a diploma from one of the top elite business and economic schools at the American University in Dubai, has brought a new, fresh impetus in the innovative progress, as a Deputy Managing Director. He has put his stamp by implementing the latest trends in the global urban architecture with the construction of “par excellence buildings” - Adora Flatiron and Adora Diamond Garden in Skopje, which show a distinctive design and core branding and have the first certificate for sound insulation, 80% above the Macedonian standards. These buildings have pushed up the boundaries of the real estate market, have given a home to 2,000 happy citizens and have initiated many business stories. With his vision and persistence, Dushko has given noteworthy contribution to the projects that seemed unreachable, to become a reality, to grow into recognizable urban symbols of Skopje, and North Macedonia to receive the largest internal garden for housing in Europe. These two signature buildings have received two national awards for fighting against ecological and sound pollution and two international acknowledgments for innovation in style and quality of housing as well as for implementing the Boutique Real Estate Concept in South-East Europe.

Adora Engineering led by the experienced, educated and established manager prof. Vancho Chifliganec, Ph.D and his team, continue with new ideas and projects, expanding the business in the financial sector. Adora Engineering owns 14.99% of the shares in the largest bank in Macedonia - Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, where it is the largest individual shareholder in one of the banking pillars of the country. In addition to banking and stock trading, Adora is present in pharmaceuticals, as well as in the trade of organic food in Europe and the Middle East.

A current challenge for Adora is the expansion of the real estate and construction business in Serbia where the company Adora Living Solutions, which is a representative of Adora in the Serbian real estate market, is intensively building the innovative residential-hotel complex 21st Century Zlatibor Residence, Spa & Wellness in the heart of the popular Zlatibor. The complex offers modern apartments and exclusive penthouses with the most beautiful view of Zlatibor, perfectly designed content for mountain enjoyment, which through smart investment and real estate management, returns the invested money to the buyers. The Adora brand, which is a leader in high-rise building innovation with a proven national and international reputation, has built a complex of beachfront holiday villas in Kriopigi, Halkidiki, Greece, and on the beautiful green island of Thassos, is building a hotel-apartment complex on Golden Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Adora Engineering is also working on the project for construction of a retirement home for accommodation and care of elderly people in Ilinden, Skopje, which for the management and the team of the company is another new challenge and a great pleasure to be entering once again in the sphere of humane business.

By restructuring and expanding its operations, in 2020 Adora Engineering together with the related companies in the construction business and in other economic spheres in Macedonia and internationally, banded together under the umbrella of the larger and more powerful Adora Business Group.

In parallel with the successful finalization of each project and the construction of each new building, the desire to help the community has continuously grown, for which Adora Engineering and the Foundation Prof. dr. Vancho Chifliganec , have provided approximately 5 million euros invested in CSR. The humanitarian mission in the environments where the company has investments, has expanded beyond the borders of Macedonia, in friendly Serbia, where Adora as the main partner with the Novak Djokovic Foundation, built a new fully equipped kindergarten in the village Ljubis, near the 21st Century complex in Zlatibor. Prof. Vancho Chifliganec, Ph.D., for whom socially useful ventures are the largest capital, says: “Philanthropy is not learned, a person is born with it, and a true humanist gives with his whole soul and heart, and not with his hand and pocket. I am happy when I make other people happy, when I give a helping hand, when I place at least one brick in the building of a better, more equal, more humane and more prosperous society for everyone."

Mission Statement:

      We offer real estate that fully satisfies the needs of clients with a complete turnkey service, respecting the agreed deadlines for project realization and applying the latest standards and latest technologies for building quality, reliable, comfortable and cost-effective housing. We provide our customers with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and long-term gains of quality, modern, functional and green housing at affordable prices, in line with the latest world trends that the company has pioneered, always exceeding Macedonian standards. We want to contribute to the improvement of the housing stock and the real estate market by raising the standards in building construction and housing, both nationally and internationally.


      Through the constant upgrading of high-rise building construction and construction services, by following and applying the innovations in urban architecture and housing globally, we aim to enrich the real estate market with higher quality, modern style, a unique design, and full housing comfort. Our intention is for real estate buyers to gain lasting value with their new home and business space for generations to come, to best preserve and upgrade their investment and capital and to contribute to building a housing culture on a higher level in this part of the world.
We are always open to wisely expanding and enriching our business with new undertakings and new markets.