Adora Engineering is synonymous with the construction of solid, seismically stable homes of standardized quality, following the latest trends in building construction.


We are the first company in independent Macedonia to prove the superior seismic stability of our buildings with a simulated earthquake, in cooperation with the renowned Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology - IZIIS. The first simulated earthquake in 2013, on the 50th anniversary of the catastrophic Skopje earthquake, with a magnitude of 5 degrees on the European Macro-Seismic Scale, and the subsequent aftershocks, caused no damage or cracks in the buildings. The high geomechanical stability of our buildings (from 80 to 105 MPa) is due to the thickness of the reinforced concrete slab (up to 155 cm), the high percentage of embedded iron, reinforcement and concrete in the structural system and the strength of the concrete (from 35 to 50 MB), which exceeds the projected strength.


The high quality of our real estate is a result of following and applying the world standards and current trends in building construction, modern technologies and certified materials from renowned brands and innovative solutions, in which the company is a flagship in the country and the region. Adora does not sell just m² of residential space, but it sells durable and long-lasting quality homes with complete comfort in all aspects, eco, light, heat and acoustics, from which the benefits of safe, qualitative, economical, healthy and comfortable housing are enjoyed by multiple generations of citizens.
Adora Engineering has been awarded the highest award "Macedonian Quality 2018" for the long-term improvement of quality and tradition in creating and maintaining a national brand.


Innovations in the concept of housing and continuous improvement of quality, style and design for the satisfaction of our clients is our priority. The real estate development brand that introduced energy-efficient homes in 2006, when it was not yet regulated by law in the region, is always a few steps ahead of regulations and standards. Guided by the idea of offering the best housing to our citizens, in recent years we have paid special attention to modernizing and refining the interior of the buildings, where the homely feeling emanates from the walls of the apartment, starting from the exterior of the building.
Our architects, in collaboration with experienced European interior design experts, have incorporated a unique design expression into the new buildings, in line with the latest trends in global urban architecture: Atriums with abundant natural light, authentic décor, filigree processed floors and walls, natural materials, a balanced harmony of stylishly designed and modernly crafted interior accessories. Adora Flatiron has brought the urban spirit of New York to modern Skopje with a fresh look, and the Adora Diamond Garden has introduced the world trend of green housing in the country.
Adora Flatiron and Adora Diamond Garden are the winners of Monte Carlo's International Award -The Bizz 2016 for Innovation in Style and Quality of Housing from the World Business Confederation.


For the first time in Macedonia, in the Adora Flatiron Skopje and Adora Diamond Garden buildings an excellent sound insulation system of up to 53 db has been introduced with a measured R'w = 53 db sound reduction index. For the first time in Macedonia, the sound insulation has been verified with a certificate of acoustic properties of the global brand with a 350-year-old tradition, RIGIPS (SAINT GOBAIN). With sound insulation that exceeds Macedonian standards by 80%, according to European norms and latest acoustic discoveries, tenants are guaranteed a peaceful home, protected from "noise pollution", immune to noisy neighbors and city noise in the urban area.
Specifically for the latest building, Aerodrom Crkva 3, our engineering team is designing a new composition for a sandwich wall between two adjacent apartments and an apartment and a common hallway. The results of the measurement of air and impact sound insulation here showed an air sound insulation value of R` = 54.1 (dB) and a value of normalized impact sound pressure level of L`n = 56.5 - 57.5 (dB). The obtained value parameters satisfy even the highest European standards for sound insulation in residential buildings.


Adora Engineering is a pioneer in introducing, and a leader in advancing energy-efficient homes in Macedonia, which the company has been building for 13 years when this matter was not even legally regulated in our country. The company built the first energy-efficient facility that received the first Energy Performance Certificate of A-class buildings in Macedonia.
Energy efficiency is constantly being improved and perfected with every newly constructed building. The obtained certificate for the latest residential building Aerodrom Crkva 3 with an indicator of 19.33 kWh / m²a, indicates that this is almost 6 units above the upper limit prescribed for energy A-class.
Adora was the first to introduce photovoltaic systems in Macedonia, using renewable energy sources to illuminate common areas of buildings and for night-time illumination, for which tenants do not receive additional electricity bills.
Adora Flatiron Skopje is the first residential building in Macedonia to have an organic façade from the world-renowned brand STO, a reputable facade manufacturer that uses innovative technologies, and the Adora Diamond Garden building is also covered with that kind of façade.
Adora Engineering has received 8 national awards from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia, for the construction and promotion of eco-homes, for the protection of the environment, for protection against noise pollution, for the construction of the largest indoor garden in Europe, for the contribution to the construction of green cities.


The company has a long and rich tradition of social responsibility, individual and corporate philanthropy, caring for the community and the citizens. Adora Engineering has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2012, the largest association of socially responsible companies worldwide. In 2014, the Foundation Prof. Dr. Vancho Chifliganec " was founded, for the realization of humanitarian actions, in support of science, education, sports, culture and the arts. The Orthodox Church of St. Jovan Krstitel (St. John the Baptist) in Skopje was built and donated, as well as the monument of the Catcher of a Cross – a tribute to Epiphany Day in Ohrid, two clock towers in Strumica and Gjorce Petrov, a fountain in the park in Kisela Voda, the home of the Trajkovi family in Dedino - the Municipality of Konche that had burnt down was renovated. Since 2016, thousands of hot meals have been distributed to the homeless and those in need in Skopje, assistance to people affected by natural disasters has been given, assistance to childcare institutions, scholarships for talented pupils, students and workers, support of the world champion in kickboxing Dimitar Gjorgjiev, the Rabotnicki Adora Club and the eponymous Kickboxing Training Center were established. Continuous care for the customers has been shown- by awarding cars, furnishing new homes, awarding university scholarships, prize trips to Cuba, Dubai, Rome, Venice, the Mediterranean
Our corporate philanthropy aims to build a more humane, equitable, healthier and happier world with equal opportunities for all, is attested by over 20 national CSR recognitions and the UN's flagship achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 2019.