New urban symbol in the center of Skopje

New urban symbol in the center of Skopje


New urban symbol in the center of Skopje

The imposing edifice Adora Flatiron is in the urban heart of Skopje, 900 meters or a 7-minute walk from the main square. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Macedonian metropolis. The residential-commercial complex with a recognizable style is located on the boulevard Boris Trajkovski no.1, at Stara Rampa, within a well-developed infrastructure and is easily accessible on foot, by vehicle or public transport.
In the vicinity of the building there are numerous important institutions and a range of advantages for a high-quality urban lifestyle or business in the central area of Skopje.



Adora Flatiron Skopje is a striking building with a height of 60 meters and a total surface area of over 23,000 m², with a distinctive style and architecture, which put a strong urban mark on contemporary Skopje.

With 16 floors there are 279 modern, functional, comfortable homes and
luxurious penthouse apartments ranging from 31 m² up to 270 m². The building has three separate entrances to the apartments, seven extra high-quality, express and noiseless elevators. The building has a layout of six apartments on one floor and one in one unit with a separate entrance, so that tenants can enjoy intimate and humane housing in the city’s urban core.

The housing complex has 394 parking spaces for vehicles on the parking lot which is on 3 underground levels and the ground floor as well as a separate parking space for bicycles.

At the central entrance of the building there is a caretaking service on the reception desk, which is open 24 hours a day to residents and visitors.

The Adora Flatiron Skopje complex began construction on July 31, 2015. It was fully completed and launched on December 26, 2017.


The urban spirit of New York in contemporary Skopje

Flatiron by Adora brought the universal cultural heritage to Skopje, modernized with the attributes of the 21st century and put Macedonia on the world map of timeless architectural values. The idea for its construction was inspired by the famous New York building, the urban icon Fuller Flatiron, the impressive building on Manhattan's 5th
Avenue. The triangular-shaped building, striking exterior and unique design, brought the glow of urban architecture from the world capitals to Skopje and Macedonia. Here you can live in an elite manner, following the latest standards and trends, with comfort in all aspects. Flatiron Macedonia offers ideal conditions for developing successful business

Exclusive business center

Flatiron by Adora featuresan A-class business center on the first floor, with a separate entrance and reception desk, a separate elevator and modern interior design, subtly stylized, exclusively equipped, functional, refined with numerous details.

On the ground floor there are modern exclusive business premises, with direct access from the outside. With their attractive location, high quality and excellent conditions, the business premises are suitable for development of successful businesses and various activities of well-known global and national brands.

Astonishing exterior

Adora Flatiron, with its form and exterior, fits perfectly in the triangular space and location in the center of Skopje, reminiscent of Fuller Flatiron, the urban symbol of New York, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Through a harmonious blend of the old with the new, this spectacular building in the Macedonian capital, has grown into a
striking 21st century landmark, that has redefined and enriched the urban character of Skopje, with an architectural expression that exudes refinement and universal value.

The rustic façade with soft tones, the romantic terraces with filigree detailed fences and the authentic ground floor arrangement gives the building its unique appearance. The exclusive penthouse apartments offer a peaceful life at a height of 50 m above ground, in their own piece of the sky. The building offers a wonderful panoramic view of the center of Skopje, the slopes of Vodno and the Millennium Cross, Shar Planina, Skopska Crna Gora, the river Vardar…

A special attraction is the illumination of the building complex Adora Flatiron during the night, when it radiates as a kind of ornament of the central area of Skopje.


Charming interior with a refined style

Адора Flatiron, кој со надворешноста го збогатува идентитетот на македонската метропола, со внатрешниот дизајн го оплеменува нејзиното социо-културно живеење, нудејќи достоинствено домување со можности за заедничко комуницирање и индивидуален стил на живеење.

Централно место во внатрешноста има атриумот, отворен средишен простор со стаклен покрив и директен поглед кон небото, со изобилство природна светлина и свеж воздух. Внимателно креиран од искусниот тим архитекти во Адора инженеринг, во соработка со реномирани европски архитекти и дизајнери, ентериерот е во чекор со новото време, декориран со природни материјали и урбана опрема. Модерно уреденото фоаје со егзотични бонсаи дрвца и брендирани елементи ја облагородуваат целата висина на комплексот, кој има декоративни подни и ѕидни облоги од природен камен, гранит и мермер, во хармонично нијансиран колорит. Заедничките простории се со автентичен дизајн, големо украсно огледало, раскошни кристални лустери и уметничка слика.

Внатрешно амбиентално осветлен, објектот се доживува како мал град и урбана оаза со раскошна, релаксирана, топла атмосфера, што никого не остава рамнодушен.


The building won на престижната the prestigious international award The Bizz 2016,, in Monte Carlo, Monaco, from the World Business Confederation for Exceptional Innovation in Style and Quality of Housing and the National Award from the Ministry of Economy for Building
Green Homes
 without eco and noise pollution, as part of the worldwide campaign for building green cities.