The Foundation Prof.Dr. Vancho Chifliganec was founded on December 15, 2014 by Adora Engineering, as a crown of the long-standing corporate social responsibility and a continuation of the philanthropic tradition of Prof. Vancho Chifliganec with his family. The mission of the foundation is to support and advance the development of education, science, sports, culture and art, to organize humanitarian and other activities, in order to contribute to the construction of a better and more equal world, with equal opportunities for all citizens without discrimination on any basis. In its 21-year existence, the foundation and Adora, in support of the community, have invested a lot of effort, humanity, love and funds of over 5 million euros.


Respecting the principles of the Global Compact and the goals for sustainable development of the United Nations Organization, since 2012 Adora has been an active member of the UN Global Compact, the largest association of socially responsible companies in the world.

The philanthropy of Prof. Vancho Chifliganec,PhD. has roots in the humanity and solidarity nurtured in his humble family, continued through the support of his education, growing into a corporate habit, trademark, ethical business code and recognizable image of Adora. The motto that a person and a company do not exist only by and for themselves and their environment, that everyone should help others within their capabilities, give back to the community and share success with it, were the guiding principles of Adora and the Foundation Prof. Dr. Vancho Cifliganec in the
implementation of a large number of socially responsible projects.

Support of youth and sports

Showing that humanity knows no borders, Adora Business Group and the Foundation. Prof. Dr. Vancho Chifliganec as the main partners with the Novak Djokovic Foundation, in 2021 built a new, fully equipped, modern kindergarten in the village of Ljubish, Serbia. The kindergarten, which is near the tourist mountain
center Zlatibor and the new complex 21st Century Residence, Spa & Wellness by Adora, offers preschool children education and development in a safe, adequate and creative environment. With this project, as well as with the support of the Zlatibor Football Club, the Prijatelstvo regional football cup, sport and the community in Zlatibor, the international brand Adora has expanded its corporate philosophy beyond the borders of its home country. The guiding premise is always that the true success of companies is measured by the quality of the society they are able to create in the environments in which they operate.



The Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist in Skopje, the fountain in the park Kisela Voda, the clock towers in Gjorce Petrov and Strumica, the Epiphany Memorial in Ohrid, medical equipment for hospitals, modern aids and school equipment, rehabilitation of the dilapidated roof in the “Zlatan Sremec” Special Primary School, renovation of the sports hall in the Primary School “Nevena Georgieva Dunja” in Skopje, awarding of scholarships to pupils, students and employees, 200 humanitarian packages in Ohrid, thousands of meals for the homeless in Skopje, a new home replacing the one lost in a fire for the the family Trajkovi in Dedino.
For a decade, Adora has supported Dimitar Gjorgjiev, a four-time world and European kickboxing champion. Under the auspices of the foundation, the Kickboxing Club and the Center for Combat Sports “Adora”, one of the best in the Balkans, was established. Adora was the patron of Antonio Damjanovski, the youngest, most talented and most successful motocross rider, the golden helmet of Macedonia. Adora was a sponsor of “Ohrid Summer”, the concerts of Tamara Todevska and DNK. Adora shoppers are rewarded with cars, world trips and valuable gifts for the new home and family.