Adora is synonymous with top quality, a leader in the introduction of the latest standards, trends and innovative solutions, following the most recent achievements on a macro level, with application in the micro environments where it operates. The goal is to continuously raise the level of standards and push the limits of the quality of the offered
products and services, for the citizens of Macedonia and the region to enjoy the benefits of the civilizational reach of the modern developed world.

Adora Flatiron Skopje by night koregiran



Adora is the first company that scientifically and practically proved the supreme seismic stability of residential buildings in independent Macedonia with a test – an artificial earthquake. The first artificial earthquake was successfully carried out in 2013 on a ten-story building in the modern Adora complex in Novo Lisice, Aerodrom Municipality, on
the 50th anniversary of the catastrophic Skopje earthquake. The artificial earthquake with a strength of 5 degrees on the European macroseismic scale, organized in cooperation with the internationally renowned Institute for Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology (IZIIS), did not cause any damage to the building and was followed with huge interest by the public and the media.

The unified high seismic stability of Adora buildings (from 80 to 105 MPa) is due to the thick foundation slab (up to 155 cm) high percentage and strength of concrete (35-50MB) high percentage of iron and reinforcement. 

Adora's residential and commercial buildings guarantee a secure home, peaceful sleep and peaceful life, without fear of earthquakes. 



Аdora is a pioneer in the introduction and leader in the promotion of energy-efficient homes in the region, which the company started building in 2006, without being obliged to, even when this area was not legally regulated in Macedonia. The company built the first officially certified energy-efficient building for collective housing Park 1 in the Municipality of Aerodrom Skopje, which received the first issued certificate for energy characteristics of A-class buildings in Macedonia, energy passport number 001.
The continuous improvement of energy efficiency with each newly built facility is a long-term project and strategic approach of Adora. The energy certificate received for the last
built residential building in the Municipality of Aerodrom Skopje with an indicator of 19.33 kWh/m²a, which is about 6 measurement units above the upper prescribed limit for energy A-class, is a testament to that.

Adora's energy efficient homes provide healthy and economical housing with significantly lower heating and cooling costs compared to older apartment buildings.



Adora was the first to introduce photovoltaic systems of solar collectors in the collective residential housing in Macedonia, with the use of renewable energy sources, for lighting the common areas in the buildings and for night illumination. For this lighting, the tenants do not receive separate electricity bills, and the facilities are independent from the electrical systems for public lighting and energy companies. This is especially important in times of global energy crisis, with the pressing need to save energy and minimize electricity consumption.

Adora is the first construction company in Macedonia that covered the striking urban symbol in the heart of the capital, the elite residential and business complex Adora Flatiron Skopje, with an organic facade that breathes by a world-renowned manufacturer of facades with innovative technologies. The residential and commercial
building Adora Diamond Garden in Skopje also has an organic facade with top quality, resistance and guarantee of durability.



Adora was the first in Macedonia, in its signature buildings Adora Flatiron and Adora Diamond Garden in Skopje, that introduced a system of excellent sound insulation up to 53 db, measured sound reduction index R'w=53 db. For the first time in Macedonia, sound insulation has been verified with a certificate for acoustic properties. With sound insulation far above Macedonian standards, according to European norms and the latest knowledge in the field of acoustics, tenants are guaranteed a peaceful home for a serene and healthy life, immune to noisy neighbors and city noise in busy urban areas, protected from sound pollution.
Specifically for Adora's last built residential building in Macedonia Aerodrom Crkva 3, our engineering team created a new composition of a sandwich wall between two adjacent apartments and an apartment and a common corridor. The measurement results showed an air sound insulation value of R`=54.1 (dB) and a normalized level of
impact sound pressure of L'n = 56.5 – 57.5 (dB), parameters that satisfy even the highest European standards for sound insulation in residential buildings.



Innovations in the concept and constant improvement of quality, style and design, in function of more satisfied customers, is our priority. Adora is always a few steps ahead of regulations and standards.

Driven by the idea of offering citizens the best housing, in recent years we have devoted special attention to modernizing and embelishing the interior for humane housing, where the feeling of home emanates from the walls of the apartment, starting from the exterior of the building. Adora's latest residential and commercial buildings exude a
unique design expression, according to the latest trends in urban architecture. Atriums with natural light and authentic decor with tons of vibrant plants, filigree floors and walls, elements of natural materials in harmony with modern interior accessories and urban equipment are just some of the attributes of buildings by Adora.

Our buildings in Skopje, Macedonia and Thessaloniki, Greece offer premium urban
housing and business, the Zlatibor complex is made for mountain hedonism, and facilities on the shores of the Aegean Sea in Greece guarantee eco-relaxation with all senses.