The new apart-hotel of Adora 21 st Century Zlatibor is a unique work of art

The new apart-hotel of Adora 21 st Century Zlatibor is a unique work of art

The signature “by Adora” has established itself in the region as a truly recognizable symbol for authentic real estate.

The latest news are that the construction of 21st Century Zlatibor Spa & Wellness by Adora, the new ultra-luxury complex of Adora in Zlatibor, which opened its doors to the first guests at the beginning of August, has been completed. Insiders assess that it is a beautiful, in many ways exceptional apartment hotel at the 5-star level, which with the design of the exterior and interior and the quality offer, in a creative, modernist way, definitely stands out from the rest of the offer.

In Serbia the public is talking about the opening of Adora’s hotel in Zlatibor, which is the focus of the most popular people from the Serbian media and entertainment industry. The famous host Ognen Amidzic described the complex as “Madness”, announcing that the most popular show in Serbia AmiG Show will be filmed in 21st Century Zlatibor in August. At the opening of the facility, in which Amidzic is just one of the celebrities who currently own an apartment, the presence of pop stars Goca Tržan, Natasa Bekvalac, Sasha Matić, famous influencers, models and other public figures from the world of music, film and sports in the Balkans have been announced.

  “In our pioneering project on the Serbian market 21st Century Zlatibor Residence, Spa & Wellness, not only did we invest all 20 years of experience and knowledge in creating real estate with added value but we also took the story telling aspect one step further. We dedicated exceptional time, attention and brainstorming in creating exceptional motifs, which ultimately resulted in a unique design expression, which in various forms and motifs runs through several parts of the complex. We have created a fluid blend of design styles such as mid century modern, contemporary and industrial style, art deco, jazz elegance, complemented by digital contemporary watercolour art, murals with eccentric motifs and other carefully thought out details. Judging by the first impressions of the buyers who came to take possession of their investment apartments and the reactions from friends of our company and public figures, who had the opportunity behind closed doors to see the complex, the setting and the final visual result, described in one word are spectacular. We are really pleased with the work done by the Adora team in collaboration with our long-time design partners from Zavar Design and the artists from the region, Pijanista, Milanović and others. Together, we created an apart-hotel that represents a unique authored work. Interest in the project is growing among the entire Serbian and regional public at the very beginning of the work, and in the first half of August we expect a series of cool personalities among the first guests. We encountered many challenges during the realization of this project, but I am proud that as the new ideas & creative leader of our company, together with the team we managed to establish the by Adora signature in the region as a truly recognizable symbol for authentic real estate, complemented by a profitable business concept. Also, we are proud to be a successful business and economic Macedonian ambassador in the region. We are waiting for you in August at Zlatibor! “, said Dushko Chifliganec, the owner from the second generation of Adora Business Group and project leader of 21stCentury Zlatibor by Adora.

Honorary first-time guests at 21st Century Zlatibor will gain long-term privileges in the complex with the most beautiful view of Zlatibor, which offers an incredible feeling of “mountain at sea” in the salt water pool and SPA center, decorated with extraordinary works of art. The Gatsby restaurant awaits you with gastronomic poetry of culinary specialties, there is a children’s entertainment corner for the youngest and a garden cafeteria for adults. Through a reservation on the website, exclusively during August, for 99 euros you can secure an overnight stay for 2 people in a modern suite with breakfast and use of the SPA center. With this promo package, the first guests will experience all the comfort and luxury that this complex offers at an extra favourable price, which is at least 70 euros lower than the regular price.

It’s nice to see what a strong mark the quality Macedonian companies leave in the region, attracting the attention of the most established media personalities, which awaken the desire in each of us in Macedonia to spend a warm weekend in August at the always pleasant Zlatibor.

These days, through the personal social media of Dushko Chifliganec, we had the opportunity to see behind the scenes content from the production of unique marketing materials for the complex and to take a look inside this unique apart hotel. But with the intention of illustrating the text with official photos, we are premiering several teaser photos from 21stCentury Zlatibor by Adora. Although they look like renderings, thay are actual photos which explains why Serbian public figures simply described the project as true “Madness”.


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