Adora with the hotel in Zlatibor was featured on the most prestigious architecture and design blogs in the world

Adora with the hotel in Zlatibor was featured on the most prestigious architecture and design blogs in the world

“21st Century Zlatibor is a unique condo hotel located in beautiful Zlatibor, in the heart of the Serbian mountains. Built by the regionally renowned Adora Business Group, it was created to provide guests a unique experience and complete comfort.” – this is how the hotel of Adora in Zlatibor was described by the elite architecture and design blogs that are considered the most prestigious in the world. Through the posts you experience the entire complex in all its exquisite details, from the industrial design of the entrance lobby, the Gatsby restaurant in art deco and elegant 1920s New York jazz style, the spa decorated with contemporary digital watercolor art with a focus on the beauty of the female body, to magnificent penthouse terraces, equipped with private therapeutic baths and the most beautiful view in Zlatibor.

“I am proud, though not surprised that our 21st Century Zlatibor by Adora has attracted the attention of the most prestigious global architecture and design blogs. The Adora team always takes a highly dedicated approach to real estate development. In the past, emphasis was placed on the seismic stability of our buildings, which we have perfected over the years. With the more recent Flatiron and Diamond Garden, we focused on creating story-telling properties, and now with our apartment hotel in Zlatibor, we have offered a property complemented by an innovative business concept in which our clients buy a fully equipped apartment in an elite hotel, and afterwards have a significant income from their investment. In a word, despite business diversification in the field of finance, energy and other business areas where we are successfully acting as a business group, real estate development is still and will always be our greatest passion and business fervor. At Adora, profit is never a priority. We are always driven by the desire to offer something unique, innovative and proactive, which will awaken a sense of added value among customers and society. Construction and architecture is a huge responsibility. What is the art to the canvas, that is the architecture for the earth. In these moments, the confidence of the Adora team is excellent, in productive cohesion with our design partners Zavar Design and other collaborators from abroad. Not only are we in line with the last trends from the world of design and architecture, but perhaps we are slowly asserting ourselves as trend makers aswell in certain aspects. The apart hotel in Zlatibor had an extremely strong start. Although we are not in the peak season, the capacity is almost completely filled, and the extremely positive impressions from the visitors give us a wind at our backs. We are already working on new challenges related to construction on the European market, where we will face some of the most experienced and renowned, extremely creative architects and investors from the real estate world, a competition which for us is an additional motive and opportunity for continuous progress”. – said Dushko Chigliganec, project leader of 21st Century Zlatibor by Adora.

The hotel by Adora is located in the central area of Zlatibor, designed in a true authentic boutique style, but has 108 apartments, which represents a large accommodation capacity. Zlatibor is a wonderful tourist resort, whose popularity and attendance has been growing rapidly for years. The ski center offers excellent trails for ski training for children and young people, and the town itself has wonderful restaurants and hiking trails for winter and summer mountain walks. Zlatibor is located 450 kilometers from our capital Skopje, which takes about 5 hours of driving.

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